Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Konkan Railway Recruitment

Konakan Railway Corporation Limited – KRCL has invited applications from ex servicemen retired from Indian Army for the recruitment of Various Vacancies.

1. Dy Chief Engineer: 03 Posts
2. Assistant Engineer: 05 Posts
3. Section Engineer: 10 Posts
4. Office Assistant cum Personal Secretary: 05 Posts

Age Limit: Candidates age limit for the post Dy Chief Engineer 55 Years, for all other posts 50 years as on 01/01/2012.

Educational Qualification: The qualification for the posts Dy Chief Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Section Engineer is B.E (Civil) or its equivalent or Diploma (Civil) holders. For the post Office Assistant cum Personal Secretary is Any Degree with knowledge of computers.

Selection Process: The mode of selection is based on Personal Interview, Medical Examination.

How to Apply
The interested and eligible candidates download the application forms from the website www.konkanrailway.com with free of cost. The applications duly filled in should be send it along with required documents to Dy.Chief Personnel Officer (Welfare), Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, Belapur Bhavan, Sec-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai-400614 on or before 30/11/2011.

Last date for receipt of Applications: 30/11/2011

For More Information http://www.konkanrailway.com/sites/default/files/Ex-serviceman_0.pdf

Friday, November 18, 2011

IRCTC Rail Neer Plant and Finance Department Recruitment

IRCTC invites applications for appointment to the following posts in our Rail Neer Plant and Finance Department through open direct recruitment.


IRCTC Executive Chef and Chef de Partie Recruitment

 Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, a leading Mini Ratna Public
Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Railways, invites applications for the following to
be filled on contractual basis, for its forthcoming Food Factory in Noida Application invited for the post of:
Executive Chef and Chef de Partie


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Northeast Frontier Railway Recruitment 2011 for Art Apprentices

North Frontier Railway has published an advertisement for the recruitment of talented and work oriented professionals for its organization. Interested and eligible candidates those who are citizens of India can avail this opportunity by applying in a prescribed format latest by 30th November 2011. Selection of the candidates is based on Written Test and Medical Examination.

Total 74 posts are offered for Act Apprentices out of which, 37 posts are for New Boangaigaon Workshop for the trade of Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Mech. Machine Tool Maintenance, Welder, Carpenter, Painter General, Electrician, Tools & Die Maker and Refrigerator & Air Conditioning Mechanic. Rest 37 posts are for Dibrugarh Workshop for the trade of Fitter and Welder.

Qualification : Candidates for these posts should have passed Matriculation in 10+2 Examination System.
Age : Candidates age should not be more than 24 years.
Salary : Selected candidates will get salary under the pay scale of Rs. 5200-20200/- with relevant grade pay.
The above information is just to see whether you are eligible or not. So for full details and application format, please refer to the Employment News of 5th – 11th November 2011.

Konkan Railway Recruitment

Compnay Name- Konkan Railway Corporation Limited

Designation---   Junior Engineers

Total Post—28 Posts

Eligibility--- Degree,  Diploma, ITI, Graduate

Location-- Navi Mumbai

Age Required--- 18-32 year

Salary Preferred---   9300-34800/- Per Month

Last Date For Apply This Job---   21/11/2011

For More Information and Apply This Job Please
Click Here

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RRB Kolkata Commercial Apprentice Exam Paper 2009

Directions—(Q. 1-5)
Facing towards centre, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a circle.
F is third from B’s right which is third from H’s right.
A is third from H’s left C is fourth from A’s left
E is third from D’s right, Which is not A’s neighbour.
1. In which of the following pairs, second one is immediately right to the first one ?
(B) GB
(D) None of these
2. Who is second to the D’s left?
(D) Data insufficient
3. Who is third to the G’s left?
4.Who is fourth to the C’s left?
(D) Data insufficient
5. What is the place of ‘B’ with reference to D ?
(I) Fourth-Right
(A) Only I
(B) Only I and II
(C) Only II
(D) Only Ill and IV

English language

Directions—(Q 6-8) Which of the following is correctly spelt?
(B) Apologise
(D) Apollogise
(A) Destinguishably
(B) Distenguishably
(C) Distinguishably
(D) Disifinguishably
(A) Assignment
(B) Asignment
(C) Assignmant
(D) Acinement
Directions—(Q. 9 and 10) Choose the one which best expresses the same sentence in lndirect/Direct Speech
9. I don’t know the way. Do you ? he asked—
(A) He asked me if I knew the way which he didn’t.
(B) He said that he didn’t know the way and asked me I did.
(C) He told that he was not knowing the way, but wondered if knew.
(D) He said that he didn’t know the way and did I know it.
10. Animals which feed on grass are called —
(A) Cannibals
(B) Omnivorous
(C) Herbivorous
(D) Carnivorous
Directions—(Q. 11—15) Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given capital.
(B) End
(D) Conclusion
(A) Express
(B) Reveal
(D) Blackmail
(A) Suspicion
(B) Promise
(C) Suggestion
(D) Blackmail
(A) Entry
(B) Permission
(C) Nearness
(D) Exit
(A) Serious
(B) Eager
(C) Worried
(D) Forced

Maths & Physics

16. 1 kg mass has a potential energy of 1 joule relative to the ground when it is at a height of?
(A) 0.102 m
(B) 1 m
(D) 32m
17. A particle moves in a circle of radius r. In half the period of revolution, its displacement ,distance covered are—
(A) 2r,?r
(B) r?2, ?r
(C) 2?,?r
18. A fort has provisions for 80 days. If after 15 days 500 men strengthen them and the food lasts 40 days thereafter, how many men were there in the fort?
(8) 4,000
(D) 10,000
19. The ratio of marks obtained by Vinod and Vasu is 6: 5. If the combined average of their percentage is 68.75 and their sum of the marks is 275, the total marks for which exam was conducted is?
(A) 150
(B) 200
(C) 400
(D) 500
20. A zookeeper counted the heads of the animals in a zoo and found it to be 80. When he counted the legs of the animals he found it to be 260. If the zoo had either pigeons or horses, how many horses were there in the zoo?
(B) 30
(D) 60
21. A Railway halt ticket costs half the full fare and the reservation charge is the same on half ticket on full ticket. One reserved first class ticket from Chennai to Trivandrum costs Rs, 216 and one full reserved and one-half reserved first class tickets cost As. 327. What is the basic first class full fare and what is the reservation charge?
(A) Rs 105 and Rs.6
(B) As. 216 and Rs. 12
(C) Rs. 210 and Rs. 12
(D) Rs 210and Rs.6
22. If each child is given 10 sweets, there are 3 sweets left over. But if each is given 11, then the number of sweet is 4 less. Find the number of sweets—
(B) 73
(D) 57
23. The product of the digits of a two digit number is 24. If its unit’s exceeds twice its ten’s digit by 2, find the number?
(A) 46
(B) 64
(C) 38
(D) 21
24. The number of triangles possible in a regular octagon is?
(B) 120
(D) 28
25. A stairway 10 ft high is such that each step accounts for half a foot upward and one foot forward. What distance will an ant travel if it starts from ground level to reach the lop of the stairway?
(A)30 ft.
(B) 33ft.
(C)10 ft.
(D) 29ft.
26. If the sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon measures up to 1440 degrees, how many sides does the polygon have?
(B) 8
(D) 9
27. If the diagonal and the area of a rectangle are 25 m and 168 vu what is the length of the rectangle?
(B) 31m
(D) 24m
28. A force F is applied on a square plate of side L. If the percentage error in the determination of L is 2% and that of F is 4%, the maximum permissible error in
pressure is?
(B) 4%
(D) 8%
29. Two forces, equal in magnitude, have a resultant with its magnitude equal to either. The angle between them is?
(B) 60°
(D) 120°
30. A trader increases the cost of an article by 10% and gives 5% discount. Find his profit or loss
(A) 10% profit
(B) 10% loss
(C) 4.5% loss
(D) 4.5% profit
31. A student secured 210 marks in an examination and failed by 21 marks. If the pass marks are 33%
find the maximum marks—
(B) 610
(D) 720
32. If simple interest on Rs. 600 for 4 years and on Rs. 600 for 2 years, combined together is Rs. 180, find the rate of interest?
(A) 5.5%
(B) 5%
(C) 6%
(D) 4%
33. A group of labour wished to complete the work in 25 days. But 10 labourers did not turn-up and the work got completed in 35 days.
Find the approximate number of labourers in the beginning?
(B) 25
(D) 20
34. A clock shows 6 hrs. 40 min. What time will the plane mirror, kept before it, show?
(A) 3:20 hrs.
(B) 6:20 hrs.
(C) 4:20 hrs
(D) 9:20 hrs
35. In a party 15 people shake their hands with each other. How many times did the hand-shake take place?
(A) 165
(B) 120
(C) 135
(D) 105
36. A is father of B, who is sister of C, but C is neither B’s sister, nor A’s daughter. D is mother of B and C, how C is related to D?
(A) Nephew
(B) Son
(D) Daughter
37. The selling price of a pen is Rs.16. If the shopkeeper bears the per cent loss equal to its cost price find out its cost price?
(A)Rs. 20
(B) Rs. 25
(D) Rs.30
38. A train 160 m long crosses 160 m long platform in 16 seconds.The speed of the train is?
(A)72 km/h
(B) 75 km/h
(C)45 km/h
(D) 60 km/h
39. In a class of 30 students and 2 teachers, the students got sweets worth 20% of the total number of students and teacher got sweets worth 30% of the total number of students.
Find the total quantity of the sweets
(B) 178
(D) None of these
40. A man takes 8 minutes to type a page. If 1710 pages are to be typed in the afternoon between 1 O’clock to 2 O’ clock, how many men are required ?
(B) 221
(D) None of these


1:D  2:A  3:B  4:A  5:B   6:B 7:C  8:A  9:B  10:C  11:A  12:B  13:B  14:A  15:B  16:A  17:A  18:B 19:B  20:C  21:D  22::B  23:C  24:C 25:D  26:A  27:D  28:D  29:D  30:D 31:A  32:B  33:C  34:A  35:D   36:B 37:A  38:A  39:D  40:D 228 persons

Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. Recruitment

Konkan Railway Corporation Limited, Navi Mumbai requires Dy. Chief Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Section Engineers and Officer Assistant-cum- Personal Secretary. Deputy Chief Engineer / Assistant Engineer / Section Engineer / Office Assistant Positions in Navi Mumbai – Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.

Applications are invited for filling up the following posts:-
Job Number: 01
Job Designation: Dy. Chief Engineer
Number of Positions: 03 (Three)
Scale of Pay: PB-4 Rs.37400-67000 + GP Rs.8700/-
Educational Qualification B.E. (Civil) or its equivalent.
Upper Age Limit: 55 years

Job Number: 02
Job Designation: Assistant Engineer
Number of Positions: 05 (Five)
Scale of Pay: PB-3 Rs.15600-39100 + GP Rs.5400/-
Educational Qualification B.E. (Civil) or its equivalent or Diploma (Civil).
Upper Age Limit: 50 years

Job Number: 03
Job Designation: Section Engineer
Number of Positions: 10 (Ten)
Scale of Pay: PB-2 Rs.9300-34800 + GP Rs.4600/-
Educational Qualification B.E. (Civil) or its equivalent or Diploma (Civil).
Upper Age Limit: 50 years

Job Number: 04
Job Designation: Office Assistant cum Personal Secretary
Number of Positions: 05 (Five)
Scale of Pay: PB-2 Rs.9300-34800 + GP Rs.4200/-
Educational Qualification Regular Graduation or its equivalent with knowledge of computers.
Upper Age Limit: 50 years

How To Apply For Opening:
Applications in prescribed format as given at the above link and completed in all respects along with enclosures and clearly mentioning the above notification should reach this office at Belapur Bhavan,Sector 11,CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400 614 on or before 17.30 hrs of 30/11/2011
Last Date To Apply: 30th November,2011
Contact Address: Belapur Bhawan,Sector 11,CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400 614



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DMRC Recruitment 2011 – Manager Vacancies

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced advertisement for the recruitment of various Managers vacancies. Eligbile candidates have to apply through prescribed application format. The following are the details about age limit, educational qualifications, no of vacancies & other information regarding DMRC recruitment are mentioned below

DMRC Manager Vacancy’s details:
Total no of vacancies: 4
Name of the post:
1. Chief Marketing Manager: 1
2. Chief Property Development Manager: 1
3. Dy. General Manager (Marketing): 1
4. Dy. General Manager (Property Development): 1

Age limit: candidates should have an age below 45 years for Dy. General Manager vacancies & 52 years for Chief Manager Vacancies
Selection Procedure: Short listed candidates will be called for an interview
How to apply: Eligible candidates have to download application form from the website www.delhimetrorail.com. Send filled application form along with photocopies of relevant documents by speed post on or before 21-11-2011 to the following address “Executive Director (HR), Metro Bhawan, Fire Brigade Lane,Barakhamba Road, New Delhi”
Last date for the receipt of application: 21-11-2011
Interview: 09-12-2011

for more details regarding age limit, educational qualifications, pay scale, how to apply, selection procedure, no of posts, application fee & other details of DMRC recruitment are available at below link…
Click Here For DMRC Manager Vacancies Advt Details & Application Form