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Friday, May 22, 2015

RRC Jabalpur Group D Solved Question Paper (Exam Held on 30-11-2014)

1. What kind of reaction is highly Hanikarka emits radiation? 
(A) photochemical reaction (b) fission reaction (c) chemical reaction (d) liquefaction reaction (Ans: b) 

2. Election of Vice President of India who does? 
(A) the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha (b) members of the Council, (c) an elected member of the Rajya Sabha (d) None of the above (Ans: a) 

3. 'Rail Bandhu' is- 
(a) capital / Century / Watanu Kulit Durnto express trains available in a journal of the Indian Railways 
(b) a web site of each railway division 
(c) emergency aid for a medical officer in each train 
(d) Rajdhani / Shatabdi and air-conditioned Durnto Express trains, each AC The security guard in bin 
(Ans: a) 

4. In which Indian city headquarters of two railway zones? 
(A) Jabalpur (b), New Delhi (c) Hubli (d) Mumbai (Ans: d) 

5. By what name was known in his childhood Chanakya? 
(A) Devgupt (b) Vishnugupta (c) Chanakya (d) Ajay (Ans: b) 
6. Which of these is a famous festival of Assam? 
(A) Onam (b) Yugadi (c) Rongali Bihu (d) Makar Sankranti (Ans: c) 

7. credit card (credit card) are known to- 
(a) supple posture (plastic money) (b) hard currency (Hard Money) (c) paper money (soft money) (d) easy money (Easy Money) (Ans: a) 

8. When was the first election to the Lok Sabha? 
(A) 1952 (b) 1954 (c) 1953 (d) 1947 (Ans: a) 

9. The first month of the Indian national calendar is- 
(a) cornered (b) Magh (c) Chatr (d) Aashaadh (Ans: c) 

10. Who is the President of the Council? 
(A) President (b) Vice President (c) Prime Minister (d) any one state governor (Ans: b) 

11. CPU whose abbreviated form? 
(A) central protocol unit (b) Computer Protocol Unit (c) central programming unit (d) Central Processing Unit (Ans: d) 

12. Which of the following does not cause pollution?
 (A) Burning of rubber (b) the use of solar energy (c) The burning of gasoline (d) All the above (Ans: b) 

13. Which part of the computer refers to the completion of work? 
(A) R. O. M. (ROM) (b) R. A. M. (RAM) (c) Monitor (d) printers (Ans: c) 

(A) Computer (b) radar (c) supercomputer (d) aircraft (Ans: c) 

15. Globalisation, to- 
(a) the integration of the various sectors of the economy (b) of the domestic economy with the global economy integration ( c) the integration of the economy (d) money market integration (Ans: b) 

16. Which is the planet Earth, most located? 
(A) Earth (b) Jupiter (c) Tue (d) Neptune (Ans: d) 

17. Maulana Azad Education-A-Baligan What is the main goal? 
(A) to build homes for Visthapiten (b) the dissemination of religious harmony (c) Fund for Agricultural Promotion (d) of the Muslim community to increase literacy (Ans: d) 

18. eg 'cup' the 'crockery' is concerned, Vas as 'Pen' is related to the ...........
 (A) books, (b) stationery (c) paper (d) nozzle (Ans: b) 

19. 'Roulette law when passed? 
(A) 1922 (b) 1921 (c) 1920 (d) 1919 (Ans: d) 

20. Election of mismatch Kijia- 
(a) September (b) November (c) in October (d) in January (Ans: c) 

21 . The female reproductive hormone to- 
(a) estrogen (b) progesterone (c) Rileksin (d) None of these (Ans: a) 

22. When the Constitution was adopted? 
(A) 26 नवम्बर, 1949 (b) 15 अगस्त, 1947 (c) 26 जनवरी, 1950 (d) 2 अक्टूबर, 1952 (Ans: a) 

23. Which of the following countries is a permanent member of UN Security Council ? 
(A) Italy (b) France (c) Germany (d) Japan (Ans: b) 

24. electric heating element for heating devices which are built by Alloy? 
(A) German silver (b) soldering (c) nichrome (d) composite steel (Ans: c) 

25. ISRO chairman who? (A) d. D. Patil (b) law. Madhavan Nair (c) s. S. Patil (d) None of these (Ans: d) 

26. Enhanced industry in India is the best example of capital to- 
(a) the tourism industry, (b) the steel industry, (c) sports commodity related industries (d) Textile Industry (Ans : b) 

27. Where -2014 International Petroleum Conference concluded?
 (A) New Delhi (India) (b), Seoul (South Korea) (c), Hyderabad (India) (d) Abu Dhabi (UAE) (Ans: a) 

28. 'plastic money' following the word relationship What's in writing from? 
(A) ATM card / credit card (b) coated with plastic currency notes (c) Foreign Currency (d) None of the above (Ans: a) 

29. Indian Institute of Forest Management where it is located? 
(A) Dehradun (b) Hisar (c) Bhopal (d) Chennai (Ans: c) 

30. Who was Bahadur Shah Zafar? 
(A) Maratha successor (b) the successor of Sher Shah Suri (c) last Mughal emperor (d) final Lodi ruler (Ans: c) 

31. One carat diamond is equal 
(a) 250 min. G (b) 150 min. G (c) 100 min. G (d) 200 min. Village (Ans: d) 

32. Forms are numbers of neutrons in isotopic 
(a) uniform 
(b) (a) and (d) both 
(c) None 
(d) other (Ans: d) 

33. 'zero Era 'Who is on voluntarily? 
(A) Prime Minister
 (b) the opposition leader,
 (c) Chairman 
(d) President 
(Ans: c) 

34. 1857 revolution who was governor-general of India? 
(A) Lord Dalhousie 
(b) Lord Kenning 
(c) Lord Mayo 
(d) Lord Rippan 
(Ans: b) 

35. Parliament 'Union budget' Who serves? 
(A) Prime Minister 
(b) Parliamentary Affairs Minister 
(c) by the Finance Minister 
(d) Lok Sabha Speaker 
(Ans: c) 

36. Where is the headquarters of the Reserve Bank? 
(A) Mumbai 
(b) Chennai 
(c) Kolkata 
(d) Delhi 
(Ans: a) 

37. World's Greatest Au Sdi (pharmaceutical) What is the maker companies? 
(A), Sun Pharma (b) Pfizer 
(c) GlaxoSmithKline 
(d) None of these 
(Ans: b) 

38. Who is the Chief Minister's appointment? 
(A) by the chairman of the Party
 (b) by the Chief Justice of the High Court 
(c) by the President of India 
(d) by the Governor 
(Ans: d)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

RRC Kolkata Group D Exam Solved Question Paper (Exam Held On: 23-11-2014)

1. English weekly 'Young India' was launched by whom?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (b). M's. Gandhi
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (Ans: b)

2. Where the Kuka Movement was founded?
(A) Uttar Pradesh (b) Malabar (c) Bihar (d) Punjab (Ans: d)

3. In which year the Ramakrishna Mission was founded?
(A) 1887 (b) 1884 (c) 1897 (d) 1905 (Ans: c)

4. Who was the ruler of the largest empire Satavahanas?
(A) Satkarni first (b) Satkarni II
(C) Gautamiputra Satkarni (d) Vshishti son Pulamayi (Ans: c)

5. Gautama Buddha and Mahavira both rising during the reign of whom have endorsed its principles?
(A) Bindusara (b) Ashok (c) Chandragupta Maurya (d) Bimbisara (Ans: d)

6. In 1888 a British man who presided over the session of the Indian National Congress, who was?
(A) a. O. Hume (b) George Yule (c), William Jones (d) Charles Vud (Ans: b)

7. Who was the poet gathering of Prithviraj Chauhan?
(A) Hrisen (b) one or two Brdoi (c) Rvikriti (d) Banabhatta (Ans: b)

8. Who was the Governor General at the time of the revolt of 1857?
(A) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Canning (c) Lord Curzon (d) Lord Wellesley (Ans: b)

39. What freedom fighters "Bagha Jatin 'was known as?
(A) jatindranath slave (b) Jatindra Mohan Sengupta
(C) jatindranath Sanyal (d) jatindranath Mukherjee (Ans: d)

10 'intimate gathering' Who was the founder?
(A) Ram Mohan Roy (b) Ishwarcndra Vidyasagar
(C) Devendra Tagore (d) Keshab Chandra Sen (Ans: a)

11. Who 'Fratiar Gandhi was known as?
(A) Vllbai Patel (b) Abul Kalam Azad
(C) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (d) Vinoba Bhave (Ans: c)

12. Who was the founder of Pal dynasty?
(A) Dharam (b) Devpal (c) Gopal (d) MP (Ans: c)

13. What riverside city of Vijayanagar was located?
(A) Krishna (b) Kaveri (c) Godavari (d) Tungabhadra (Ans: d)

14. The following persons under twenty-five (25) years who was personal secretary of Mahatma Gandhi?
(A) BHULABHAI Desai (b) Mahadev Desai
(C) Vinoba Bhave (d) Vallabhbhai Patel (Ans: b)

15. After mounting the throne, Harsh Vardhan what the degree of the eclipse?
(A) Gunraja (b) Avnisimaha (c) Maharaja (d) Shiladity (Ans: d)

16. Ranjit Singh, who was the head?
(A) Nakai Misl (b) Ahwoowalia Misl
(C) Sukrckya Misl (d) Ramgarhia Misl (Ans: c)

17. Who was the founder of the House of young India?
(A) Bhagat Singh (b) RajGuru (c) SS (d) Ram Prasad Bismil (Ans: a)

18. The title 'Parakersi and Rajkeshri' which was adopted by dynasties?
(A) crops (b) Parmar (c) Pandya (d) T (Ans: d)

19. What Chola kings conquered the island of Sri Lanka's first complete?
(A) Rajdiraj first (b) Vijayalaya (c) Karikla (d) Rajendra (Ans: d)

20. Who was the founder of the Bahmani kingdom?
(A) Alauddin Hasan (b) Ismail Home
(C) Muhammad Shah II (d) Gangu (Ans: a)

21. Loktak Lake which is located in the Indian state?
(A) Mizoram (b) Assam (c) Tripura (d) Manipur (Ans: d)

22. What is the metamorphic rock of sandstone?
(A) Marble (b) Quartzite (c) Shell (d) shale (Ans: b)

23. Koyna dam which is located in the Indian state?
(A) HP (b) Maharashtra (c) Uttarakhand (d) Tamil Nadu (Ans: b)

24. magma reaching the surface of the Earth becomes, what's it called when the concrete?
(A) Granite (b) slag (c) Kwatrg (d) silicate (Ans: b)

25. In all the world's oceans deep Forms
(A) Pacific (b) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean (d) the Arctic Ocean (Ans: a)

26. Which of the river flow Oxbow (Ox-bow) is formed lakes?
(A) Upper or mountain stream (b) medium or valley flows
(C) lower or flat flow (d) None of the above (Ans: b)

27. What types of Alps mountains?
(A) turning the (b) lobe (c) residual (d) volcanic (Ans: a)

28. Which layer of the atmosphere in the weather-related events take place?
(A) Mesosfiyr (b) Ayonosfiyr (c) Stratosphere (d) troposphere (Ans: d)

29. Whose example limestone and chalk?
(A) igneous rocks (b) mechanically formed rocks Tlcti
(C) constituted Tlcti Javikt rocks (d) Rupantri The rocks (Ans: c)

30. In which river 'chain' (Dhunwadhar) waterfall is located?
(A) TAPI (b) Brahmaputra (c) Narmada (d) Kaveri (Ans: c)

31. Nirmaan thick brick wall, use of cold storage is why?
(A) brick are good conductors of heat, (b) bricks are cheaper than other materials of
(C) the brick is easily accessible (d) brick are bad conductors of heat (Ans: d)

32. What Shadn mild electric current is used to detect?
(A) The voltmeter (b) watt meter (c) thermometer (d) galvanometer (Ans: d)

33. hydrogen atom protons, electrons and neutrons, respectively, which are included as?
(A) 1,0,1 (b) 1,1,0 (c) 1,1,1 (d) 0,1,0 (Ans: b)

34. Kelvin scale, the melting point of ice is-
(A) 0 Kelvin (b) 273 Kelvin (c) 373 Kelvin (d) 100 Kelvin (Ans: b)

35. Which of the following is a physical change?
(A) rusting of iron (b) burning of candles
(C) eggs boiling (d) of boiling water (Ans: d)

36. The flow of heat between two objects depends on what direction?
(A) the presence of their heat (b) their mass
(C) the temperature (d) they are solid, liquid or gaseous state or not (Ans: c)

37. Which is the hormone that controls blood pressure?
(A) vasopressin (b) oxytocin (c) estrogen (d) Testosterone (Ans: d)

38. What kind of a freezer tray is formed early in the snow?
(A) rubber (b) Plastic (c) aluminum (d) Wood (Ans: c)

39. Pressed heating element in what is called?
(A) Copper (b) Tungsten (c) Micah (d) Nichrome (Ans: d)

40. escape from tree to tree at night because gold is not fair?
(A) Carbon dioxide (b) oxygen
(C) carbon monoxide (d) sulfur dioxide (Ans: a)

41. the lightest element in the universe is what?
(A) Helium (b) hydrogen (c) Nitrogen (d) Silicon (Ans: b)

42. Which of the following Laughing gas (Laughing gas) say?
(A) Nai tricks oxide (b) Nitrogen dioxide
(C) Penta nitrogen oxide (d) nitrous oxide (Ans: d)

43. shine due to air bubbles in the water?
(A) dispersion (b) Image (c) diffraction (d) total internal reflection (Ans: d)

44. What scientists have discovered the blood group?
(A) Landsteiner (b) Lister (c) William Harvey (d) Pasteur (Ans: a)

45. Where ammonia gas is collected?
(A) hot-water (b) cold water over
(C) air upward displacement (d) air downstream displacement (Ans: d)

46. ​​What is called nitric acid salts?
(A) nitrate (b) nitrite (c) Haiponaitroit (d) Sayanaid (Ans: a)

47. The involuntary muscles are controlled by whom?
(A) cerebrum (b) Sseribanlm (c) medulla Ovlongta (d) of the spine (Ans: a)

48. Why is blended in gasoline Tetroithail lead?
(A) to prevent freezing (b) to increase the boiling point
(C) to increase the flash point (d) an increase in anti-knocking for ratings (Ans: d)

49. Sinnabar ore Forms
(A) Copper (b) iron (c) of mercury (d) Lead (Ans: c)

50. Which of these "master gland" is known as?
(A) thymus (b) Islets of Langerhans (c) of the pituitary (d) Thyroid (Ans: c)

51. After the formation of the 16th Lok Sabha as the first woman chief minister of Gujarat, who are Sँbale charge?
(A) UMA (b) Swaraj (c) Anandiben Patel (d) Bsundhara Raje (Ans: c)

52. After the formation of the 16th Lok Sabha, who has been appointed as Minister of Railways?
(A) Arun Jaitley (b) Mallikarjun (c), Ananth Kumar (d) Dizvil Sadanand Gowda (Ans: d)

53. The President of India to India .......... may resign by writing under his hand.
(A) the Speaker of the Lok Sabha (b) CJ (c) Vice President (d) Prime Minister (Ans: c)

54. Cricket is the distance between the two sets V-Kate?
(A) 18 yards (b) 20 yards (c) 22 yards (d) 24 yards (Ans: c)

55. India's first satellite, whose name is?
(A) Aryabhata (b) Bhaskaracharya (c) Brahmihir (d) Sridharachary (Ans: a)

56. In which year India's first nuclear test in Pokhran in Rajasthan were made?
(A) 1984 (b) 1974 (c) 1964 (d) 1954 (Ans: b)

57. What is the monetary unit of Japan?
(A) Dollars (b) Pound (c) Rial (d) yen (Ans: d)

58. How many members of the State Legislative Assemblies are elected for a period?
(A) two years, (b) three years (c) five years, (d) six years (Ans: c)

59. Robin Williams recently died, was a famous ...........
(A) The Nobel-winning writer (b) The actor and comedian
(C) Economist (d) Composer (Ans: b)

60. What is the capital of Cuba?
(A) Suva (b) Havana (c) Nicosia (d) Asuncion (Ans: b)

61. In a game of basketball players on each side are the stems?
(A) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 7 (Ans: b)

62. Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs in Delhi and other metros concerns of people living in the northeastern states have formed a committee to look into. Who is led by committee?
(A) J. M. LYNGDOH (b) m. P. Bezbaruah
(C) p. A. Sangma (d) s. Padmanabhan (Ans: b)

63. To qualify in the Rajya Sabha, the minimum age of an Indian citizen is-
(A) twenty-five (b) thirty (c) thirty five (d) forty (Ans: b)

64. Which of the following state case of illegal detention of a person is issued by the court?
(A) habeas corpus (Habeas Corpus) (b) of mandamus (Mandamus)
(C) certiorari (Certiorari) (d) Prohibition (Prohibition) (Ans: a)

65. Who was independent India's first CEC?
(A) T. N. Seshan (b) M. S. Gill (c) J. M. LYNGDOH (d) Sukumar Sen (Ans: d)

66. This year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been appointed as national security adviser?
(A) Ajit Doval (b). M's. Narayanan (c) Mukul Rohatgi (d) Rajiv Mathur (Ans: a)

67. It was India's first nuclear reactor
(A) Jrlina (b) pole (c) nymph (d) Kamini (Ans: c)

68. Recent Fildm medal in 2014, which is considered the highest award in mathematics mathematician of Indian origin who are winning?
(A) Manjul Bhargava (b) Satish Kulkarni (c) Chandra Bhattacharya (d) Shrivatsa Acharya (Ans: a)

69. Indian State Governor who draws oath?
(A) the Chief Justice of India, (b) the Chief Minister
(C) the chairman of the State Legislative Assembly (d) of the State High Court Chief Justice (Ans: d)

70. How many times Brazil have won the World Cup soccer championship?
(A) four times (b) five times, (c) two (d) three times (Ans: a)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Railway Recruitment Cell (Delhi) Group 'D' (Second Shift) Exam., 2014 (Exam Held on 2-11-2014)

1. Shri Arun Jaitley is not the Cabinet Minister of (as on 10 Oct., 2014)–
(A) Finance (B) Corporate Affairs (C) Defence (D) Law and Justice (Ans : D)

2. The state which has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha is–
(A) Bihar (B) Gujarat (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh (Ans : D)

3. Which of the following was the theme for World Environment Day observed on June 5 ?
(A) Rise Your Voice, Not sea Level (B) Small Islands and Climate Change (C) Think, Eat, Save (D) Green Economy, Does It Include You (Ans : B)

4. Why was Vijay Seshadri in news recently?
(A) He won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category (B) He was appointed as Indian envoy to ASEAN
(C) He was the Goldman Environment Prize (D) He won the World Snooker Men’s Title (Ans : A)

5. The deficiency of Irons result in–
(A) Anaemia (B) Night blindness (C) Scurvy (D) Rickets (Ans : A)

6. In the human body, from which structure is appendix attached to ?
(A) Large intestine (B) Liver (C) gall bladder (D) Stomach (Ans : A)

7. Which is not a feature of National Judicial Appointment Commission composition?
(A) Chief Justice of India (Chairperson) (B) Two most senior Supreme Court Judges
(C) The Union Minister of Law and Justice (D) Four eminent persons nominated by a Committee (Ans : D)

8. Marks on the surface to be painted is filled by–
(A) Putty (B) Cement (C) Chalk and oil (D) White Lead (Ans : A)

9. Which is called the ‘Magna carta’ of Western Education System in India?
(A) The report of the Committee of Public Instruction, 1823 (B) The Charter Act of 1833
(C) Report of the Hunter Commission, 1862 (D) Despatch of Sir Charles Wood, Secretary of State, 1854 (Ans : D)

10. Excise duty is a tax levied on–
(A) Import of goods (B) Export of goods (C) Production of goods (D) Sale of goods (Ans : C)

11. As per the The Lokpal Bill how many members will select members of Lokpal ?
(A) 5 (B) 6 (C) 7 (D) 4 (Ans : A)

12. ‘Garuda V’ was a bilateral air exercise conducted at in Rajas-than by India and.
(A) Russia (B) Singapore (C) France (D) United Kingdom (Ans : C)

13. Galvanized iron has thin coating of–
(A) Copper (B) Tin (C) Zinc (D) Aluminium (Ans : C)

14. The longest running train in India runs between (Vivek Express)–
(A) Sri nagar to Kanyakumari (B) Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari (C) Trivendrum to Gorakhpur (D) Jaisalmer to Dibrugarh (Ans : B)

15. Which one is a Short Range Missile?
(A) Prithvi-I (B) Agni-III (C) Agni-IV (D) Surya (Ans : A)

16. Noted Hindi novelist who wrote ‘Tamas’is–
(A) Shivani (B) Shobha De (C) Munshi Premchand (D) Bhishma Sahni (Ans : D)

17. Thin foils of which of the following metals are used in decorating sweets?
(A) Steel (B) Aluminium (C) Chromium (D) Silver (Ans : D)

18. What is the most abundant element in the universe?
(A) Hydrogen (B) Helium (C) Oxygen (D) Carbon (Ans : A)

19. Which one of the following is used to induce artificial rain?
(A) Ammonium Chloride (B) Calcium Carbonate (C) Silver Iodide (D) Potassium Nitrate (Ans : C)

20. What is retrospective tax?
(A) Old proceedings are being taxed as per the new rules (B) A tax to be paid without the rule
(C) Tax on transportation of goods (D) Tax paid on old items (Ans : A)

21. ‘Kuchipudi’ dance form originated in–
(A) Odisha (B) Karnataka (C) Kerala (D) Andhra Pradesh (Ans : D)

22. Amongst the following Indian States which one has the mini-mum total forest cover?
(A) Sikkim (B) Goa (C) Haryana (D) Kerala (Ans : C)

23. ‘Lake Sambhar’ is nearest to which one of the following cities of Rajasthan ?
(A) Jaisalmer (B) Jaipur (C) Jodhpur (D) Udaipur (Ans : B)

24. The seacoast of which one of the following states has become famous as a nesting place for the Giant Olive Ridley Turtles from South America?
(A) Goa (B) Gujarat (C) Odisha (D) Tamil Nadu (Ans : C)

25. Which one of the following is also known as ‘Top Slip’?
(A) Simlipal National Park (B) Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
(C) Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary (D) Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park (Ans : D)

26. Which Mughal ruler earned the title ‘Insan-i-kamil’ (Perfect Man) for his peaceful personality and patience?
(A) Shah Jahan (B) Humayun (C) Jahangir (D) Akbar (Ans : B)

27. Black Hole is–
(A) A dark hollow cavity (B) A massive collapsing star (C) The other side on the moon (D) The other side of Sun (Ans : B)

28. Which bank note is not issued by RBI?
(A) 1000 (B) 500 (C) 100 (D) 1 (Ans : D)

29. Which country is the largest arms suppliers to India?
(A) United States (B) Russia (C) France (D) Israel (Ans : A)

30. Name the Winner of the Women’s Single Final of 2014 Wimbledon–
(A) Maria Sharapova (B) Petra Kvitova (C) Eugenie Bouchard (D) Venus Williams (Ans : B)

31. Who won the FIFA World Cup 2014 ?
(A) Argentina (B) Brazil (C) Germany (D) Netherlands (Ans : C)

32. Who won the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar given by the President of India?
(A) Indian Railways (B) Air India (C) Guru Hanuman Akhara (D) Sports Authority of India (Ans : C)

33. Mention the place where Buddha attained Enlightenment–
(A) Sarnath (B) Bodhgaya (C) Kapilvastu (D) Rajgriha (Ans : B)

34. Which of the following was not included in the Eight Fold Path prescribed by Buddha ?
(A) Right belief (B) Right speech (C) Right meditation (D) Right knowledge (Ans : D)

35. Why has Whistleblower Act been passed by the Parliament?
(A) To protect policemen on duty (B) To allow people to whistle freely
(C) To stop boys from teasing women (D) To help people expose corruption without fear (Ans : D)

36. Amitabh Bachchan suffered a near fatal intestinal injury during the shooting of which film?
(A) Agneepath (B) Zanjeer (C) Coolie (D) Sholay (Ans : C)

37. ‘Pyorrhoea’ is a disease of the–
(A) Gums (B) Heart (C) Lungs (D) Nose (Ans : A)

38. The main constituent of LPG is–
(A) Methane (B) Propane (C) Ethane (D) Butane (Ans : B)

39. Monsoon is also known as–
(A) Impact of summer temperatures on the seas (B) Movement of clouds (C) Seasonal reversal of winds (D) Rise in temperature (Ans : C)

40. Epigraphy is the study of–
(A) Rocks (B) Inscriptions (C) Monuments (D) Coins (Ans : B)

41. Which ambassador of James I King of England visited the Court of Jahangir ?
(A) William Hawkins (B) Sir Thomas Roe (C) Francisco Pelsaert (D) Peter Mundy (Ans : B)

42. The Judiciary in India is–
(A) Under the Prime Minister (B) Under the President (C) Under the Parliament (D) Independent (Ans : D)

43. What is Jantar Mantar ?
(A) An Astronomical Observatory (B) A Museum (C) A Fort (D) A Mughal Garden (Ans : A)

44. Which of the following States has the lowest literacy rate in India?
(A) Rajasthan (B) Jharkhand (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Bihar (Ans : D)

45. Deletion of words, phrases of expression for the proceedings or records of the Parliamentary proceedings is called–
(A) Expunction (B) Resolution (C) Expunge (D) Abolition (Ans : A)

46. To which country famous Foot-bailer Ronaldo belongs to ?
(A) Argentina (B) Italy (C) Brazil (D) Uruguay (Ans : C)

47. Which is the Capital of Chile?
(A) Santiago (B) Quito (C) Montevideo (D) Georgetown (Ans : A)

48. What is name of the mother of Shri Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India?
(A) Hinaben (B) Heeraben (C) Kamalaben (D) Laxmiben (Ans : B)

49. IRCTC stands for–
(A) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (B) Indian Railway Catering and Touring Corporation
(C) Indian Railway Corporation for Tourism and Catering (D) Indian Railway Corporation for Catering and Tourism (Ans : A)

50. Two persons are nominated by the President of India to be members of Lok Sabha to represent the–
(A) Paris (B) Anglo-Indians (C) Buddhists (D) Indian Christians (Ans : B)

51. How many Permanent Members are there in the Security Council?
(A) Three (B) Five (C) Six (D) Four (Ans : B)

52. VAT scheme is aimed at–
(A) Raise the prices of foreign goods (B) Raise the prices of luxury goods(C) Lower the prices of goods of everyday use
(D) Avoid repeated payment of duty from the raw material stage to the final product and thus reduce the burden of duty (Ans : D)

53. In a computer typing to reverse the effect of your error immediately–
(A) Use the cut command (B) Use the Undo command (C) Press the delete key (D) Use the Redo Command (Ans : B)

54. The concept of ‘Micro Credit’ essentially concentrates on–
(A) Providing small loans to cottage industry (B) Providing safe place to hold savings
(C) Accepting small deposits (D) Provision of credit to the poor (Ans : D)

55. Which of these slogans is associated with Gandhiji ?
(A) Freedom is my Birthright (B) Inquilab Zindabad (C) Do or die (D) Delhi chalo (Ans : C)

56. General Saunders, an English-man was killed by Bhagat Singh and others to average the death of?
(A) Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre (B) Death of Lala Lajpat Rai (C) Hanging of Ram Prasad Bismil (D) Encounter of Chandra Shekhar Azad (Ans : B)

57. Which company was granted Navratna status in July 2014 ?
(A) National Buildings Construction Corporation (B) Container Corporation of India
(C) Airports Authority of India (D) Bharat Dynamics Limited (Ans : B)

58. In India the power of ‘Judicial Review’ is enjoyed by the–
(A) High Court only (B) Supreme Court only (C) Supreme Court and High Court only (D) Parliament (Ans : C)

59. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 which was suspected to have been shot down over Ukraine was travelling from–
(A) Oslo to Kuala Lumpur (B) Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur (C) Amsterdam to Singapore (D) Stockholm to Jakarta (Ans : B)

60. ‘Gidda’ is popular folk dance from which state of India?
(A) Punjab (B) Haryana (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Uttarakhand (Ans : A)

61. Personal computers can be connected together to form a.
(A) Server (B) Network (C) Supercomputer (D) Enterprise (Ans : B)

62. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminals computer is an example of a law enforcement speciality called–
(A) Simulation (B) Animation (C) Robotics (D) Computer forensics (Ans : D)

63. What is e-commerce ?
(A) Buying and selling computer products. (B) Buying and selling products and services not found in stores.
(C) Buying and selling inter-national goods. (D) Buying and selling products and services over the Internet. (Ans : D)

64. Which two companies of the World settled the long-running patent war over Smartphone on 16 May, 2014?
(A) Apple and Samsung (B) Apple and Google (C) Google and Samsung (D) Samsung and Sony Ericsson (Ans : B)

65. Name the place where the Uttarakhand’s Legislative Assembly was held outside the capital Dehradun for the first time–
(A) Gairsain (B) Tehri (C) Sri nagar (D) Almora (Ans : A)

66. Name the State that recently approved pension scheme for farmers?
(A) Himachal Pradesh (B) Maharashtra (C) Gujarat (D) Uttarakhand (Ans : D)

67. Who is the Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) ?
(A) President of India (B) Home Minister of India (C) Environment Minister of India (D) Prime Minister of India (Ans : D)

68. Name the Airlines from India that joined Star Alliance on 23 June, 2014 ?
(A) Air India (B) Air Asia India (C) Go Air (D) IndiGo (Ans : A)

69. ‘Dharmachakra’ (Wheel) on National Flag has–
(A) 12 Spokes (B) 16 spokes (C) 18 spokes (D) 24 spokes (Ans : D)

70. Where is St. Peter’s Basilica located?
(A) Vatican City (B) London (C) Rome (D) Moscow (Ans : A)

71. Who has written the famous book ‘Meghdut’ ?
(A) Banabhat (B) Tagore (C) Kalidas (D) Pandit Vishnu Sharma (Ans : C)

72. Who is the author of the famous book ‘One Life is Not Enough’ ?
(A) Sanjaya Baru (B) Tavleen Singh (C) Vinod Rai (D) K Natwar Singh (Ans : D)

73. To which dynasty did Ashoka belong?
(A) Vardhana (B) Maurya (C) Kushan (D) Gupta (Ans : B)

74. The Temples of Khajuraho were built by–
(A) Chandelas (B) Pallavas (C) Chalukayas (D) Cholas (Ans : A)

Railway Recruitment Cell (Hazipur) Group 'D' (Second Shift) Exam., 2014 (Exam Held on 9-11-2014)

Q. 1. Who among the following wrote Sanskrit Grammar?
(A) Kalidas (B) Charaka (C) Panini (D) Aryabhatt (Ans : C)

Q. 2. The modern name of Rigvedic river ‘Vitasta’ is–
(A) Jhelum (B) Chenab (C) Beas (D) Ravi (Ans : A)

Q. 3. By whom, the first Republic of the World, was established in Vaishali–
(A) Maurya (B) Nand (C) Gupta (D) Lichhavi (Ans : D)

Q. 4. Which of the following is not one of the ‘Three Jewels of Buddhism’–
(A) Buddha (B) Dharma (C) Sangha (D) Moksha (Ans : D)

Q. 5. Who among the following Bahmani rulers built the famous ‘Gol Gumbaz’ at Bijapur ?
(A) Muhammad Adil Shah (B) Mahmud Gawan (C) Yusuf Adil Shah (D) Ismail Adil Shah (Ans : A)

Q. 6. The Shrine of ‘Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’ is situated at–
(A) Aligarh (B) Delhi (C) Ajmer (D) Phulwari Sharif (Ans : B)

Q. 7. Which Mughal Emperor is also known as ‘Zinda Pir’ (Living Saint) ?
(A) Akbar (B) Aurangzeb (C) Shahjahan (D) Jahangir (Ans : B)

Q. 8. Who was the Commander-in-Chief of INA before Subhash Chandra Bose?
(A) Giani Pritam Singh (B) Capt. Mohan Singh (C) Major Fuzihara (D) Capt. Suraj Mal (Ans : B)

Q. 9. The ‘Anushilan Samiti’ was–
(A) Dedicated to the upliftment of women (B) Promoting widow remarriage (C) Labour welfare organisation (D) A revolutionary organisation (Ans : D)

Q. 10. The split between Extremists and Moderates came up in the open at the Surat Session of Congress held in the year–
(A) 1905 (B) 1906 (C) 1907 (D) 1910 (Ans : C)

Q. 11. ‘All India Muslim League’ was formed at–
(A) Lahore (B) Aligarh (C) Lucknow (D) Dhaka (Ans : D)

Q. 12. ‘India Wins Freedom’ is the auto-biography of–
(A) Abul Kalam Azad (B) Muhammad Ali (C) Zakir Hussain (D) Syed Ahmad Khan (Ans : A)

Q. 13. Titan’ is a satellite of–
(A) Saturn (B) Jupiter (C) Mars (D) Venus (Ans : A)

Q. 14. A large group of stars, stellar remnants, dust and gases bound together by their own gravity is called–
(A) Comets (B) Galaxy (C) Nebulae (D) Asteroid (Ans : B)

Q. 15. ‘North Pole’ lies in the middle of the–
(A) Pacific Ocean (B) Atlantic Ocean (C) Indian Ocean (D) Arctic Ocean (Ans : D)

Q. 16. The longest National Highway in India is–
(A) NH-2 (B) NH-3 (C) NH-7 (D) NH-8 (Ans : C)

Q. 17. The Capital of Mizoram is–
(A) Imphal (B) Shillong (C) Aizwal (D) Kohima (Ans : C)

Q. 18. Which of the following ports is a tidal port?
(A) Kolkata Port (B) Kandla Port (C) Mumbai Port (D) Vishakhapatnam Port (Ans : B)

Q. 19. The Prime Minister of India, Sri Narenda Modi witnessed the launch of which of the following Satellite in June 2014 ?
(A) PSLV-C23 (B) GSLV-C23 (C) INSAT-C23 (D) IRS-C23 (Ans : A)

Q. 20. ‘Rand’ is currency of which of the following countries?
(A) Korea (B) Brazil (C) Italy (D) South Africa (Ans : D)

Q. 21. The language commonly spoken in Patna, Nalanda, Gaya and Nawada Districts is–
(A) Bhojpuri (B) Magahi (C) Maithili (D) None of these (Ans : B)

Q. 22. The ‘Rural Population’ in Bihar is about (as per 2011 census)–
(A) 60 per cent (B) 78 per cent (C) 88 per cent (D) 68 per cent (Ans : C)

Q. 23. ‘Harihar Nath Temple’ is situated in–
(A) Hajipur (B) Sonpur (C) Deoghar (D) Patna (Ans : B)

Q. 24. The Headquarters of ASEAN is situated at–
(A) Geneva (B) Delhi (C) Manila (D) Jakarta (Ans : D)

Q. 25. The LPG (Liberalisation, Privati-sation and Globalisation) model of development was introduced in India in the year–
(A) 1951 (B) 1981 (C) 2001 (D) 1991 (Ans : D)

Q. 26. ‘CRR’ stands for–
(A) Currency Reserve Ratio (B) Cash Reserve Ratio (C) Capital Reserve Ratio (D) Collateral Reserve Ratio (Ans : B)

Q. 27. ‘Gir National Park’ is situated in which of the following States?
(A) Gujarat (B) Bihar (C) Assam (D) Uttar Pradesh (Ans : A)

Q. 28. Which of the following Films won the most Oscars (Academy Awards) in 2014 ?
(A) Gravity (B) 12 Years a Slave (C) The Great Beauty (D) Frozen (Ans : A)

Q. 29. Who has won ‘Gandhi Peace Prize 2013’ ?
(A) Desmond Tutu (B) M. Madan Babu (C) Chandi Prasad Bhatt (D) Sachin Tendulkar (Ans : C)

Q. 30. Which of the following IPL teams has never won the IPL (Indian Premier League) Title?
(A) Rajasthan Royals (B) Chennai Super Kings (C) Deccan Chargers (D) Kings XI Punjab (Ans : D)

Q. 31. The Constituent Assembly of India started functioning from–
(A) 9th December, 1946 (B) 1st January, 1947 (C) 26th January, 1947 (D) 15th August, 1947 (Ans : A)

Q. 32. Which Amendment of the Indian Constitution inserted the words ‘Socialist’, ‘Secular’ and ‘Integrity’ in the Preamble?
(A) 28th (B) 40th (C) 42nd (D) 52nd (Ans : C)

Q. 33. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides for the Institution of Panchayati Raj ?
(A) Article 36 (B) Article 39 (C) Article 40 (D) Article 48 (Ans : C)

Q. 34. Who among the following is the Chairperson of the National Integration Council?
(A) The President (B) The Vice-President (C) The Home Minister (D) The Prime Minister (Ans : D)

Q. 35. The First Female Speaker of Lok Sabha is–
(A) Vijay Laxmi Pandit (B) Sucheta Kriplani (C) Tarkeshwari Sinha (D) Meera Kumar (Ans : D)

Q. 36. The enzyme ‘Trypsin’ is produced by–
(A) Mouth (B) Pancreas (C) Intestine (D) Liver (Ans : B)

Q. 37. The ‘Tarsal’ bone is found in human–
(A) Ankle (B) Thigh (C) Ear (D) Upper Arm (Ans : A)

Q. 38. Which of the following Vitamins is known as ‘Riboflavin’ ?
(A) Vitamin-B1 (B) Vitamin-B2 (C) Vitamin-A (D) Vitamin-D (Ans : B)

Q. 39. Which of the following organs is affected in ‘Hepatitis’ disease?
(A) Brain (B) Intestine (C) Liver (D) Nervous System (Ans : C)

Q. 40. Artificial purification of blood is called–
(A) Dialysis (B) Hemolysis (C) Osmosis (D) Diffusion (Ans : A)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Railway Recruitment Cell South Eastern Railway Recruitment of Group - D Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts:
  1. Points man-B (Operating): 104 Posts
  2. Trackman (Engineering): 1343 Posts
  3. Helper-II (Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical & S& T): 540 Posts
  4. Helper-II (Workshops): 958 Posts
  5. Safaiwala (Medical / Commercial): 191 Posts
    Qualifications: i). 10th pass or ITI or equivalent on the date of application. Candidates appearing and/or awaiting results of final examination of class 10th or ITI or equivalent on the date of application are not eligible to apply. ii). Ex-SM who have retired after putting in 15 years of service and have passed Army Class-I certificate or equivalent will be considered eligible.
Age Limit (As on 01/01/2014): 18 to 33 years

Application Fee: A non-refundable fee of Rs. 100/- is to be paid in the form of crossed DD from State Bank of India or any other Nationalized Bank or crossed IPO from any Post Office drawn in favour of the “FA&CAO, South Eastern Railway, 11 Garden Reach Road, Kolkata- 700043 payable at “KOLKATA”.

Selection Process: Selection process consists of written examination followed by Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and medical examination.

Written Examination: Written examination shall be of Class 10th standard consisting of 100 multiple choice objective type questions to be answered in 90 minutes (120 minutes for PH candidates allowed to take a scribe) aimed to assess General Knowledge/Awareness, Mathematical ability and Reasoning etc. There will be no questions for checking proficiency in language. Questions will be printed in Hindi, English, Oriya, Urdu and Bengali.
Negative Marking: There shall be negative marking for wrong answers. 1/3 (0.33) marks shall be deducted for each wrong answer. There will be no negative marking for un attended question.

How to Apply: The completed application in the prescribed format along with all relevant documents should reach the “Assistant Personnel Officer (Recruitment), Railway Recruitment Cell, South Eastern Railway, 11, Garden Reach Road, 1st Floor, Bungalow No 12 A, Kolkata-700043.

Last Date: 25/11/2013

For more details, please visit:

Friday, October 18, 2013

RRC, East Coast Railway, Bhubaneswar Recruitment of Group-D Posts

Railway Recruitment Cell, East Coast Railway, Bhubaneswar, invites applications for the following posts:
Trackman: 909 Posts
Token Porter: 161 Posts
Safaiwala / Hospital Attendant: 23 Posts
Helper-II: 159 Posts 

Qualifications: 10th standard or ITI or equivalent. Candidate should possess requisite academic qualification on the date of submission of application. Those who are appearing at and/or awaiting results of final examination are not eligible.
Age Limit: Minimum 18 years and maximum 33 years, and will be reckoned as on 01.01.2014.

Examination Fee: UR and OBC candidates should submit application fee for an amount of Rs.100/- in the form of Indian Postal Order from any Post Office (issued on or after the date of this notification) drawn in favour of “Assistant Personnel Officer(Recruitment), East Coast Railway, Bhubaneswar” payable at Bhubaneswar. SC/ST, Ex-servicemen, physically challenged, women, minority candidates (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists & Zorastrians [Parsis]) and candidates belonging to economically backward classes (whose family income is less than Rs.50,000/- per annum) need not pay this fee.

How to Apply: Application in prescribed format in A-4 size may be sent by ordinary post addressed to the “Assistant Personnel Officer (Recruitment), East Coast Railway Headquarters, Office of the Chairman, Railway Recruitment Cell, 2nd Floor, South Block, Rail Sadan, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha - 751017.”

Last Date: 11/11/2013

For more details Click here

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

South Western Railway Recruitment of 1299 Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts:
  1. Trackman: 621 Posts
  2. Helper/TMO: 104 Posts
  3. Helper Bridge/Engg.: 01 Post
  4. Helper P.Way /Engg.: 13 Posts
  5. Helper/Works/Engg: 62 Posts
  6. Helper / Civil Engg. (RWF): 16 Posts
  7. Helper/Mech. (C&W): 129 Posts
  8. Helper/ Dsl. /Mech. Wing: 03 Postsrr
  9. Helper/Dsl. /Elec. Wing: 06 Posts
  10. Helper/Elec.: 55 Posts
  11. Helper/Elec. (RWF): 04 Posts
  12. Helper/S&T: 55 Posts
  13. Helper/S&T (RWF): 02 Posts
  14. Helper/Stores (RWF): 06 Posts
  15. Porter/Hamal/Sweeper cum Porter Optg: 155 Posts
  16. Safaiwala/Medical: 62 Posts
  17. Helper/Mech./WS: 05 Posts
Qualifications: 10th or ITI or equivalent. Candidates who are appearing or awaiting results of the final examinations of 10th /ITI or equivalent on the date of application are not eligible to apply.

Age Limit: The normal age (in completed years) for the recruitment is between 18-33 years reckoned as on 01.01.2014. The upper age limit is relaxable for the following specified categories to the extent indicated below.

Examination Fee: The examination fee for UR and OBC candidates is Rs.100/-. Candidates belonging to SC / ST, Ex- Servicemen, Women, Minority Community and Economically Weaker Sections and Persons with Disability (PWD) are fully exempted from payment of examination fees.

How to Apply: Applications complete in all respects along with required enclosures should be sent by post to the Assistant Personnel officer / Recruitment, Railway Recruitment Cell, Hubli or applications can also be dropped in the box kept at the above mentioned address on or before the closing date and time.

Last Date: 28/10/2013

For more details Click here

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Railway Recruitment Cell, Chennai Recruitment of Group-D Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts:
  1. Trackman: 1539 Posts
  2. Helper (Elect.): 642 Posts
  3. Helper (S & T): 118 Posts
  4. SCP / Porter: 847 Posts
  5. Helper (Mech.): 588 Posts
  6. Peon: 102 Posts
  7. Safaiwala: 132 Posts
  8. Store Khalasi: 92 Posts
  9. Helper (WS (M)): 757 Posts
  10. Helper (WS (E)): 107 Posts
  11. Helper (TMU): 261 Posts
  12. Peon /Mali/Sanitary Cleaner/Vendor/Helper Gr. II: 252 Posts
  13. Track Maintainer Gr. IV: 13 Posts
Qualifications: i). Minimum 10 Pass or ITI or equivalent at the time of applying. ii). Candidates having higher Educational Qualification can also apply.

Age (As on 01-01-2014): UR: 18 – 33 years, OBC: 18 – 36 years and SC / ST: 18 – 38 years.

Selection Process: The selection process consists of a written examination followed by Physical Efficiency Test and Medical Examination.

Examination Fee: Rs. 100/-. SC / ST, Ex-Servicemen, Persons with disabilities, Women, Minority communities and Economically Backward classes are exempted from payment of examination fee.

How to Apply: The completed application in the prescribed format along with all relevant documents should reach the Assistant Personnel Officer / Recruitment , Railway Recruitment Cell, Southern Railway, No. 5, 3rd floor, Dr. P.V. Cherian Crescent Road, Egmore, Chennai- 600008.

Last Date: 21/10/2013

For more details visit (or)

Friday, September 20, 2013

North East Frontier Railway Recruitment of Group-D Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts:
Group D: 1230 Posts
Qualification: 10th class pass or ITI or equivalent.

Age Limit (As on 01/01/2014): 18-33 years.

Examination Fees: Candidates have to pay the examination fees of Rs.100/- for UR and OBC candidates in the form of Indian Postal Order from any Post office drawn in favour of FA&CAO, N.F. Railway and payable at GPO, Guwahati. SC / ST, Physically Handicapped, women, minorities, Ex- Serviceman and Economically backward classes are exempted from payment of examination fees.

How to Apply: The completed application in the prescribed format along with all relevant documents should reach the to Chairman, Railway Recruitment Cell, N.F Railway, Station Colony, Pan Bazar, Guwahati, Assam (PIN 781001) or dropped in the Application Drop room at Railway Recruitment Cell, N.F Railway, Station Colony, Pan Bazar, Guwahati, Assam.

Important Dates:
  • Last date for submission of application 21/10/2013
  • Last date for submission of application for Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands candidates 05/11/2013
For more details Click here

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

East Central Railway Recruitment of Group - D Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts:

  1. Porter: 918 Posts
  2. Trackman: 1614 Posts
  3. Helper-II (Mechanic): 976 Posts
  4. Helper-II (S&T): 366 Posts
  5. Helper-II (Elect): 291 Posts
  6. Gr. D (Engineer): 469 Posts
  7. Gr. D (Store): 21 Posts
Qualifications: 10th Pass or ITI / Centre of Excellence (COE) or equivalent. Candidates appearing at and/or awaiting results of the final examinations of 10th / ITI / COE or equivalent on the date of application are not eligible to apply. Educational qualification must be from recognised institutions / boards, otherwise candidature will be cancelled.

Age Limit: The minimum age limit is 18 years and the upper age limit is 33 year as on 01/01/2014.

Application Fee: Rs. 100/- payable in the form of crossed Indian Postal Order only, drawn in favour of Assistant Personnel Officer (RRC), Railway Recruitment Cell, E.C. Railway, payable at Patna.

Selection Process: Written Examination, Physical Efficiency Test (PET), Document and candidature verification and Medical examination.

How to Apply: The duly filled up application along with the required documents should be addressed to the Assistant Personnel Officer (RRC), Railway Recruitment Cell, East Central Railway, Polson Complex, Digha Ghat, Patna – 800011, Bihar. Or dropped in the Application Box / Room at Railway Recruitment Cell office, East Central Railway, Polson Complex, Digha Ghat, Patna – 800011 Bihar.

Last Date: 14/10/2013

For more details Click here

Saturday, August 31, 2013


South Central Railway, Secunderabad invites applications for the recruitment of 2801Group D Posts.

Post Details:
1. Trackman: 1979
2. Helper-II: 440
3. Assistant Points man: 382
Total No. of posts: 2801


Candidates should posses qualification of pass in 10th or ITI or equivalent. Candidates who appearing or awaiting results of the final examinations of 10th/ITI or equivalent on the date of application are not eligible to apply.

Age Limite: 

The normal age (in complete years) for the recruitment is 18-33 years reckoned as on 01.01.14.
Application Fee: Rs.100/-

Assistant Personnel Officer / RRC / SC, Written Examination Control Centre, Railway Bunglow No.100, Opp. St. Anthony's Church, Beside Mettuguda Bus stop, South Lallaguda, Secunderabad (A.P).

Last Date for submission of application: 30 September 2013

For Detailed Notification Click Here