Saturday, June 27, 2015

RRB Centralised Employment Notice No.01/2015

Online applications are invited for the following posts of Jr. Engineer, Depot Material Superintendent, Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant, Sr. Section Engineer and Chief Depot Material Superintendent.

Post Details:
1. Jr. Engineer/ Research Engineer:  935 Posts
2. Depot Material Superintendent: 35 Posts
3. Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant: 75 Posts
4. Sr. Section Engineer: 1165 Posts
5. Chief Depot Material Superintendent: 25 Posts

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree (Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Manufacturing/ Industrial/ Machining/ Instrumentations & Control/ Tools & Machining/ Tools & Die Making/ Automobile/ Production Engineering/ Information Technology/ Communication Engineering)/ M.Sc. Electronics. Or Degree in Engineering in any discipline. Or Diploma (Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Manufacturing/ Mechatronics/ Industrial/ Machining/ Instrumentation & Control/ Tools & Machining/ Tools & Die Making/ Automobile/ Production Engineering or B.Sc. (Civil Engineering/ Computers). Or PGDCA/ BCA.

How to Apply: Candidates are required to apply through Online mode.

Last date for receipt of applications: 26.07.2015.

Date of Publication (Employment News): 27.06.2015. 

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Friday, June 12, 2015

RPF Sub-Inspector Exam 2013 General Knowledge Solved Paper

1. As a result of global warming, we could be
(A) sea level rise (B) changes in crop pattern
(C) changes in the coast line (D) All the above (Ans: D)

2. The Earth Summit (Save Earth) had organized
(A) by UNESCO (B) by Yuensiidi
(C) W H o (D) UNICEF (Ans: B)

3. If the two things complement their cross price elasticity modules:
(A) minus (B) plus (C) negative (D) imaginary number (Ans: C)

4. The opportunity cost of producing a commodity that is-
(A) the costs which the firm can take on a different technique was adopted
(B) the cost of production under a different law firm could raise
(C) actual costs incurred
(D) the next best alternative production leaved (Ans: D)

5. land vary in the short term by any other factor is the earned surplus are:
(A) economic rent (surplus) (B) Net rent (surplus)
(C) virtual rent (surplus) (D) Max normal rent (surplus) (Ans: C)

6. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Commission?
(A) Planning and Development Minister (B) FM
(C) Prime Minister (D) Rural and Community Development Minister (Ans: C)

7. Which of the following is not true in the case when the economy is in a high interest rate?
(A) is increased savings (B) lending is reduced
(C) the cost of production increases (D) return of capital increases (Ans: D)

8. Which of the following is not the method of measurement of national income?
(A) value-added method (B) Income Method
(C) investment method (D) expense method (Ans: C)

9. labor-intensive techniques shall be chosen
(A) in a labor surplus economy (B) capital surplus economy
(C) in the developed economies (D) in developing economies (Ans: A)

10. Which of the following will not be economic activity?
(A) was read to the students in his class teacher
(B) the teacher is teaching students under SSA
(C) read to her daughter's home teacher
(D) is providing advisory services to his residence Teacher (Ans: C)

11. Finance Commission
(A) makes five-year plans
(B) makes monetary policy
(C) The Central Government has recommended the revision of salaries
(D) resources between the center and the states decides on Bntbare (Ans: D)

12. When a country's net national product is-
(A) to GDP, reduced allowances Mulyttas
(B) by adding net income in GDP abroad
(C) Gross national product of the net income from abroad reduced
(D) of the gross national product Mulyhnas allowances reduced (Ans: D)

13. To whom jaundice is caused by infection?
(A) of the brain (B) liver (C) Renal (D) spleen (spleen) (Ans: B)

14. The average rate of the heart beat in a normal person is-
(A) 82 (B) 92 (C) 72 (D) 98 (Ans: C)

15. EEG (EEG) is used to record what activity?
(A) Heart (B) Lung (C) brain (D) muscle (Ans: C)

16. cow's milk due to the presence of a yellow color what happens?
(A) Jathofil (B), riboflavin (C) Raibulos (D) Carotene (Ans: D)

17. Which of the following is a contagious disease?
(A) diabetes (B) diphtheria (C) arthritis (D) Cancer (Ans: B)

18. Which of the following volume is decreased in anemia?
(A) hemoglobin (B) collagen (C) Haioglobin (D) myosin (Ans: A)

19. Which of the following disease is often transmitted through the air?
(A) The Plague (B) Tayfoid (C) Tuberculosis (D) Cholera (Ans: C)

20. A rich source of food, ie
(A) starch (B) of glucose (C) of fructose (D) of Maltose (Ans: A)

21. Aspirin simple name is-
(A) of salicylic acid (B) of salicylate
(C) of Methil salicylate (D) Aesitil of salicylic acid (Ans: D)

22. Forms due to smallpox
(A) Rubiola virus (B) Variola virus (C) Varisela (D) Micsovayrs (Ans: B)

23. Carbon monoxide is a flammable gas. Which of the following and is flammable gas?
(A) Helium (B) nitrogen (C) oxygen (D) hydrogen (Ans: D)

24. breathing mechanism should
(A) Heat (B) Water (C) oxygen (D) sunlight (Ans: C)

25. Which of the following metal reacts with water to produce hydrogen does not?
(A) potassium (B) cadmium (C) sodium (D) Lithium (Ans: B)

26. Forms are ozone
(A) only oxygen (B) oxygen and nitrogen
(C) hydrogen and carbon (D) oxygen and carbon (Ans: A)

27. Which of the following has the lowest density of liquid?
(A) FRESH WATER (B) salted water (C) gasoline (D) Mercury (Ans: C)

28. 'low temperature' to cause which of the following principle is used?
(A) superconductivity (B) water-Kelvin effect
(C) heat-electric effect (D) Adiabatic demagnetization (Ans: D)

29. Forms photoelectric cell changes
(A) mechanical energy into electrical energy (B) heat energy into mechanical energy
(C) light energy into chemical energy (D) light energy into electrical energy (Ans: D)

30. The two stones of different mass from the top of a building with a dropped-in
(A) small stone on the ground before it reaches
(B) large stones on the ground before it reaches
(C) both arrive at the stone ground
(D) depends on the composition of the stone (Ans: C)

31. pulsars, ie
(A) are the stars of the earth (B) are moving away from Earth stars
(C) rapidly moving stars (D) high-temperature stars (Ans: C)

32. The solar system's largest planet is-
(A) Earth (B) Tue (C) Saturn (D) Jupiter (Ans: D)

33. "National School of Drama," which of the following is situated in the city?
(A) Mumbai (B) New Delhi (C) Bhopal (D) Kolkata (Ans: B)

34. When and where our national anthem was sung for the first time?
(A) 24 January, 1950 at Allahabad (B) 24 January, 1950 in Delhi
(C) 26 December, 1942 in Calcutta (D) 27 December, 1911 in Calcutta (Ans: D)

35. The ozone hole in the atmosphere has been detected, where it is located?
(A) over the Arctic Ocean (B) above Aentarktika
(C) over India (D) above Alaska (Ans: B)

36. Talent Playn-
(A) is a disease
(B) educational and technical institutions dissuade students say
(C) the cost of scientific and industrial research is pointless
(D) migration of skilled personnel say (Ans: D)

37. How many lines Dharmacakra the national flag?
(A) 22 (B) 24 (C) 18 (D) 14 (Ans: B)

38. 'India Today' it?
(A) unstable mass of problems
(B) by removing the former British India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
(C) a newsletter dedicated to current affairs
(D) is a member of the Indian Union, the United Nations (Ans: C)

39. Book 'is VAZ Fraiv Past Midnight "is the subject?
(A) of the Bhuj earthquake (B) of Orissa flood
(C) of Andhra Pradesh cyclone (D) Bhopal Gas case, (Ans: D)

40. "Tin Bigha Corridor" that connects?
(A) for India and Pakistan (B) India and China
(C) Bangladesh and Pakistan (D) Bangladesh and India (Ans: D)

41. Pulitzer Prize for outstanding work in the area are recognized?
(A) Science and Technology (B) literature and journalism
(C) International Understanding (D) Environmental Studies (Ans: B)

42. Victory Column built in Chittor Who did?
(A) Maharana Pratap (B) Rana Sangram Singh
(C) the Azad Rana (D) Rana Ratan Singh (Ans: C)

43. The instrument is used to change the speed of the electric fan?
(A) amplifier (B) regulator (C) switch (D) Rectifier (Ans: B)

44. Namdhapa National Park?
(A) Mizoram (B) Manipur (C), Tripura (D) Arunachal Pradesh (Ans: D)

45. Which religious books Gandhiji their 'mother said?
(A) Ramayana (B) The New Testament (C) to God Gita (D) Koran (Ans: C)

46. ​​Which of the following Tehri Hydro Power Complex is located on the river?
(A) Alaknanda (B) Mandakini (C) Dhauliganga (D) Bhagirathi (Ans: D)

47. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen of India are famous for acting in what area?
(A) Physics (B) Protecting the environment (C) Chemistry (D) Economics (Ans: D)

48. Which of the following North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is not a member?
(A) Italy (B) Germany (C) USA (D) India (Ans: D)

49. Which country following the recent 'Tiangung -1 called "first space laboratory module launched?
(A) South Korea (B) North Korea (C) China (D) Japan (Ans: C)

50. Which of the following countries of SAARC in India recently, an important border with the Pact?
(A) Myanmar (B) Nepal (C) China (D) Bangladesh (Ans: D)