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RPF /CPSF Constable Exam 2013 Solved Paper

1. Mahatma Gandhi where your Dundee trip was initiated?
(A) Dundee (b) the Sabarmati (c) Champaran (d) South Africa (Ans: b)

2. Which of the famous Jallianwala Bagh incident took place in the city?
(A) Patiala (b) Chandigarh (c) Amritsar (d) Jalandhar (Ans: c)

3. 'Inqualab live' Who gave the slogan of?
(A) Subhas Chandra Bose (b) Sardar Bhagat Singh (c) Chandrashekhar Azad (d) Muhammad Iqbal (Ans: b)

4. Which of the following is the river falls into the Arabian Sea?
(A) Kaveri (b) Krishna (c) Godavari (d) Indus (Ans: d)

5. From the perspective of the area is the largest state of India which?
(A) Uttar Pradesh (b) Rajasthan (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Maharashtra (Ans: b)

6. 'Zoom' is?
(A) a sort of tribal dance (b) A type of plantation
(C) a type of wind (d) the type of festival (Ans: b)

7. "The heart of the Indian Constitution," stated which of the following?
(A) religious freedom (b) the right to equality
(C) Right to Constitutional Remedies (d) Preamble (Ans: c)

8. President's rule in the state constitution, which is levied under Article?
(A) Article -352 (b) of Article -356 (c) of Article -360 (d) of Article -370 (Ans: b)

9. A Bill is a Money Bill or not, who it describes?
(A) President (b) Speaker (c) Prime Minister (d) Vice President (Ans: b)

10. Who among the following Bhoodan movement was started?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Vinova Bhave (c) Bllbbai Sardar Patel (d) JP (Ans: b)

11. Start date of the fiscal year in India is-
(A) 1 March (b) 1 January (c) 1 April (d) 1 November (Ans: c)

12. Which of the following is the Bank of the private sector?
(A) Vijaya Bank (b) Syndicate Bank (c) Indian Overseas Bank (d) the Unit Trust of India (Ans: d)

13. India's national income to estimate what's the job?
(A) Planning Commission (b) Ministry of Finance (c) National Development Council (d) The Central Statistical Organisation (Ans: d)

14. The speed of a supersonic aircraft that is-
(A) equal to the movement of sound (b) At the sound moves
(C) sound moves over (d) movement of light equivalent (Ans: c)

15. 'light years' Which of the following is the unit?
(A) move (b) energy, (c) the distance (d) Time (Ans: c)

16. Forms measurement of pure gold
(A) 18-carat (b) 20 carats (c) 22 carat (d) 24 carat (Ans: d)

17. 2010 E. In the Commonwealth Games which of the following will be in town?
(A) Manchester (b) Kuala Lumpur (c) New Delhi (d) Sydney (Ans: c)

Former Pakistan cricket coach Bob Bulmr 18. In which city was born?
(A) Jaipur (b) Kanpur (c) Mumbai (d) Motihari (Ans: b)

19. where Gautama Buddha gave his teachings?
(A) Bodh Gaya (b) Lumbini (c) Kushinagar (d) Sarnath (Ans: d)

20. Which of the following rule to the Chinese traveler Xuanzang visited India?
(A) Chandragupta II (b) Samudragupta (c) Harsha (d) Kanishka (Ans: c)

21. Who was the establishment of Khalsa Panth?
(A) Raja Ranjit Singh (b) Guru Gobind Singh (c) Guru Tegh Bahadur (d) of Guru Nanak Dev (Ans: c)

22. Third Battle of Panipat was among whom-whom?
(A) the Mughal and British (b) the Afghan and French (c) the Afghans and the Marathas (d) Fenc and British (Ans: b)

23. Who was the Arya Samaj founded?
(A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (b) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
(C) Swami Vivekananda (d) Keshvcndra Sen (Ans: c)

24. Which of the following is part of administrative policy?
(A) truth (b) Efficiency (c) neutrality (d) All of the above (Ans: b)

25. Which of the following IAS framework of the model is derived from the country?
(A) United States (b) Great Britain (c) Russia (d) Canada (Ans: d)

26. In 2005, the 'right to information', the person who is leading in the convention?
(A) Sunderlal Bahuguna (b) Medha Patekar (c) Rajendra Singh (d) Aruna Roy (Ans: d)

27. Which of the following is the state's sex ratio over 1000?
(A) Kerala (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) HP (Ans: a)

28. How much per year in the 11th Five Year Plan has set a target of job creation?
(A) 5 million (b) 10 million (c) 15 million to (d) 1 million (Ans: d)

29. Which of the following is the agency district cooperative credit system?
(A) The State Co-operative Banks (b) Central Cooperative Bank (c) Apex Bank (d) Regional Rural Banks (Ans: b)

30. Governor (Governor) who makes the swearing?
(A) Prime Minister (b) Chief (c) the Chief Justice of the High Court, (d) the President (Ans: c)

31. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration where it is located?
(A) Gurgaon (b), New Delhi (c) Mussoorie (d) Nainital (Ans: c)

32. In India, District Collector (DC) When was the creation of the post?
(A) 1892 e. (B) 1872 e. (C) 1972 e. (D) 1792 e. (Ans: d)

33. Which of the following pay commission has been set up recently?
(A) fourth (b) the fifth (c) sixth (d), seventh (Ans: c)

34. Which of the following elections by the Election Commission is not?
(A) President (b) Vice President (c) CM (d) None of these (Ans: c)

35. Which bank First Imperial Bank "was known?
(A) Reserve Bank of India (b) State Bank of India
(C) Punjab National Bank (d) Exim Bank (Ans: b)

36. "Wind laughing, 'What is that?
(A) a public undertaking (b) Siberian duck (c) a well-known bird sanctuary (d) a boat (Ans: a)

37. Which city with a population over 10 million people living in slums or settlements is the lowest number of?
(A) Delhi (b) Greater Mumbai (c) Bangalore (d) Patna (Ans: c)

38. The President of the Lok Sabha, which is nominated for 2 people from the community?
(A) Buddhist monks (b) find Rsion (c) Anglo-Indians (d) None of these (Ans: c)

39. Investment Commission (Commission appropriation) Which of the following are the chairman?
(A) Mukesh Ambani (b), Tata (c) Joy M (d) Hassan Azim Premji (Ans: b)

40. Who is India's largest software company?
(A), Wipro (b) Infosys (c) TCS (D) Satyam (Ans: b)

41. In India, people living below the poverty line is set to identify the many parameters?
(A) 10 (b) 13 (c) 15 (d) 16 (Ans: b)

42. NASSCOM (NASSCOM) Which of the following are the president?
(A) Dewang Mahato (b) Kiran Karnik
(C) v. Ramalingam Raju (d) Laxmi Narayan (Ans: d)

43. Who was the president of the Indian National Congress, the first Muslim?
(A) Muhammad Ali Jinnah (b) Badruddin Tyabji
(C) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (d) Abul Kalam Azad (Ans: b)

44. Which of the following at the end of his life, Ramakrishna Mission Swami revolutionary terror had become?
(A) A Rbind Ghosh (b) Hem Kanungo (c) Ajit Singh (d) Jtindranath Bandyopadhyay (Ans: d)

45. When does the minimum distance between the Sun and Earth?
(A) 22 September (b) 21 June (c) 21 September (d) 3 January (Ans: d)

46. ​​"Midnight Sun" can be found to the situation in the region?
(A) tropical regions (b) warm temperate zone
(C) the northern and southern polar regions (d) the time of the solar eclipse anywhere (Ans: c)

47. America's resident redneck people what is known?
(A) Buschmann (b) Alpine (c) Amerind (d) Mastijo (Ans: c)

48. Which of these 'Madyamika School of Philosophy' was the founder of?
(A) Asng (b) Bsubnd (c) Nagarjuna (d) Nagsen (Ans: c)

49. Which is the novel written by Premchand?
(I) Premasry (ii) four chapters (iii) amphitheater (iv) Godaan
(A) i, ii and iv (b) i and iv (c) i, iii and iv (d) ii and iii (Ans: c)

50. Which of the following is correctly matched?
(A) Justice Movement - Northern India (b) Kayasthas movement - Karnataka
(C) lingayat Movement - South (d) Namsudra movement - Bengal (Ans: d)

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General Knowledge Practice Questions for RRB Exams

1. Who has been named ICC World Cup 2015 Ambassador? 
(A) Sachin Tendulkar (B) Allan Robert Border 
(C) Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards (D) Sanath Teran Jayasuriya (Ans : A)

2. Central statistics Office has revised the base year of consumer Price Index– 
(A) from 2010 = 100 to 2012 = 100 
(B) from 2004 – 05 = 100 to 2011-12 = 100 
(C) from 2004–05 = 100 to 2012-13 = 100 
(D) From 2010 = 100 to 2014 = 100 (Ans : A)

3. Which of the following is associated with the protection and development of women? 
(C) BBBP (D) All of the above (Ans : D)

4. Bombay stock exchange is going to establish a Global Stock Exchange at– 
(A) Gandhinagar (Gujarat) (B) Mumbai (Maharashtra) 
(C) New Delhi (D) Jaipur (Rajasthan) (Ans : A)

5. India’s first Hi-Speed Rural Broadband Network -NOFN has been commissioned in– 
(A) Vaishali district Bihar (B) Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh 
(C) Idukki district, Kerala (D) Kannauj district, Uttar Pradesh (Ans : C)

6. Wholesale Price Index based inflation rate was reported (–) 2.06 per cent in February 2015. 
Which of the following factors played a key role in contain demand pressure? 
(A) Tight monetary policy adopted by RBI (B) Huge buffer stocks against any external shock 
(C) Volatility in the value of rupee under check (D) All of the above (Ans : D)

7. Average age in India is highest in the state of during 2001-2011. 
(A) Kerala (B) Tamil Nadu (C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Punjab (Ans : A)

8. Maternal mortality in India now (2014) accounts for ……….of all deaths and ……….of all female deaths in the 15 to 49 years age group. 
(A) 0.55% and 4% (B) 2.54% and 6.5% 
(C) 3.21% and 7.3% (D) 4.25% and 8.9 % (Ans : A)

9. India’s bilateral trade with China in 2014 remained to the tune of– 
(A) $ 65 billion (B) $ 70 billion 
(C) $ 80 billion (D) $ 85 billion (Ans : B)

10. Which of following factors helped moderate headline inflation during 2014? 
(A) Persistent decline in crude prices (B) Softness in global prices of tradables 
(C) Softness in global prices of edible oils and coal (D) All of the above (Ans : D)

11. Which of the following geographical region of India is ahead in demographic transition? 
(A) Northern Region (B) Southern Region 
(C) Eastern Region (D) Western Region (Ans : B)

12. Which of the following changes has not been made in the monetary policy w.e.f. January 15, 2015 ? 
(A) Repo rate has been reduced from 8.00 per cent to 7.75 per cent 
(B) Reverse Repo rate has been reduced from 7.00 per cent to 6.75 per cent 
(C) Bank Rate has been reduced from 9.00 per cent to 8.75 per cent 
(D) Cash Reserve Ratio has been increased from 4.00 per cent to 4.25 per cent (Ans : D)

13. RBI’s deadline to exchange pre-2005 currency notes is– 
(A) January 1, 2015 (B) April 1, 2015 
(C) March 31, 2015 (D) June 30, 2015 (Ans : D)

14. What is ‘Pink Sheet’ ? 
(A) IMF’s Data sheet on current account deficits (B) RBI’s Monetary Policy norms 
(C) World Bank Commodities Price Data (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

15. Which of the following statement is wrong about AYUSH ? 
(A) Ayush represents Indian System of Medicine 
(B) It includes Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturapathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy 
(C) Department of Ayush has been elevated to full-fledged ministry from 9 November, 2014 
(D) Ayush is a part of National Health Mission (Ans : D)

16. The cricketer, who scored fastest century-in just 31 balls-in one day international test match is– 
(A) South African batsman AB de Villiers (B) Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi 
(C) West Indian batsman Corey Anderson (D) Indian Batsman Yuva Raj Singh (Ans : A)

17. Consider the following statements, based on a Mckinsey report, and choose the correct code given below– 
1. India’s 29 states, eight high performing ones in terms of GDP per capita will account for over half the GDP growth in the coming decade. 
II. 49 metropolitan clusters in 183 districts, most of them in the west and the south, will account for 77 per cent of India’s GDP growth. 
(A) Only I is correct (B) Only II is correct 
(C) I and II are correct (D) Neither I nor II is correct (Ans : C)

18. S. Mahendra Dev Committee has observed that the terms of trade between agriculture and non-agriculture during 2004-05 and 2013-14– 
(A) Has been favourable for agriculture (B) Has been unfavourable for agriculture 
(C) Has not changed (D) Has been inconclusive in nature (Ans : A)

19. Project ‘Maryadaa’ is associated’ with– 
(A) Education of girls (B) Making the village open defecation free 
(C) Making all the women of the village educated and self-reliant (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

20. Who has been named the brand ambassador of the campaign ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao: programme launched in January 2015 ? 
(A) Rekha (B) Madhuri Dixit 
(C) Hema Malini (D) Kareena Kapoor (Ans : B)

21. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Parhao’ programme on January 22, 2015 from– 
(A) Panipat, Haryana (B) Cwalior, Madhya Pradesh 
(C) Bikaner, Rajasthan (D) Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh (Ans : A)

22. Which of the following factor / factors has/have created demand pressure on protein items and eggs, meat and fish ? 
I. Substantial increases in minimum support prices of food grains. 
II. Launch of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme 
III. High growth rates in rural income / wages. 
The correct code is– 
(A) Only III is correct (B) I and II are correct 
(C) II and III are correct (D) I, II and III are correct (Ans : D)

23. Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya is in the news recently. The reason being– 
(A) It has been awarded the Asia’s Cleanest village award in 2014-15 
(B) All the houses in the village have sanitary toilet
(C) All the houses in the Village use clean energy for cooking 
(D) The village is situated on Indo-Bangladesh border (Ans : A)

24. What is so uncommon about ‘Mann Ki Baat’ ? 
(A) Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and the US President Mr. Barack Obama shared their thoughts together on fourth episode of ‘Mann ki Baat’ on All India 
(B) The first Mann Ki Baat programme was broadcast on the occasion of Vijayadashami on October 3, 2014 
(C) The second Mann Ki Baat programme was broadcast on November 2, 2014 
(D) The third Mann Ki Baat programme was broadcast on December 14, 2014 (Ans : A)

25. Which of the following districts have been shortlisted for the United Nations global award for public service? 
(A) Gaya, Bihar (B) Chittur, Andhra Pradesh 
(C) Nadia, West Bengal (D) Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu (Ans : C)

26. The revamped National Food Security Mission is being implemented from 2014-15 in–
(A) 619 districts of 28 states (B) 640 districts of 29 states 
(C) 540 districts of 22 states (D) 200 districts of 11 states (Ans : A)

27. Which of the following statement is wrong? 
(A) Certificate of Deposit is issued by Scheduled Commercial Banks 
(B) Commercial paper is issued by Companies 
(C) Recurring Deposite Schemes are operationalise only in Post Offices 
(D) KDR is a time Deposits scheme of Canara Bank (Ans : C)

28. Recently a high level committee under the chairmanship of……….has suggested to downsize the coverage of population under National Food Security Act from current 67 per cent to 40 per cent. 
(A) Shanta Kumar (B) Ashok Lahiri 
(C) Deepak Parikh (D) Ashok Gulati (Ans : A)

29. US President Barack Obarna specifically mentioned three Indians in his address at Delhi’s SIRI Fort Audotorium on January 27, 2015. Who amongst the following is not in them ? 
(A) Film Star Shah Rukh Khan (B) Athlete Milkha Singh 
(C) Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi (D) Space scientist Kasturi Rangan (Ans : D)

30. Certain initiatives were announced in budget 2014-15 for the sustainability and adoptability of Indian agriculture. 
I. The Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana. 
II. Neeranchal. 
III. The national adaptation fund for climate change. 
IV. Soil health card to every former. 
The correct code is – 
(A) Only I and II are correct (B) Only II and III are correct 
(C) I, II and III are correct (D) I, II, III and IV are correct (Ans : D)

31. What is MUDRA? 
(A) A form of Money (B) A port on West Coast 
(C) Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

32. Recently R. K. Laxaman died on January 26, 2015. He was a leading of India. 
(A) Play Back Singer (B) Cartoonist 
(C) Space Scientist (D) Kathakali dancer (Ans : B)

33. Base year for the estimation of national income has been changed from– 
(A) 1999-2000 to 2009-10 (B) 2004-05 to 2009-10 
(C) 2004-05 to 2011-12 (D) 2004-05 to 2012-13 (Ans : C)

34. Economic cost of food grains to the food corporation consists of– 
I. Minimum support price including bonus. 
II. Procurement incidentals. 
III. Cost of distribution. 
The correct code is– 
(A) Only I is correct (B) I and II are correct 
(C) I, II and III are correct (D) II and III are correct (Ans : C)

35. Which of the following companies tied themselves with CII to set up smart cities? 
(A) Hitachi India and Siemens (B) L&T and Reliance Industries 
(C) Tata sons and BHEL (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

36. As per the latest estimates of national income which of the following statements is wrong? 
(A) GDP at factor cost has now been done away with 
(B) GDP at market prices will be the basis for ascertaining national income 
(C) The Indian economy recorded 6. 9 per cent growth in 2013-14 
(D) Henceforth Gross Value Added (GVA) will replace GDP at factor cost 
(Ans : D)

37. Which one is the top most banking brand of the world ? 
(A) HSBC (UK) (B) China Construction Bank (China) 
(C) Wells Forgo (US) (D) HCBC (China) (Ans : C)

38. India has emerged as a significant agre-exporter in a few crops/ products. Which of the following group of crops I products is not in this list? 
(A) Cotton and Rice (B) Meat and oil meals 
(C) Wheat and Eggs (D) Pepper and Sugar (Ans : C)

39. Using India’s new GDP series, the IMF expects growth to pick up ……….per cent in 2014-15. 
(A) 6.5% (B) 7.2% 
(C) 7.5% (D) 7.9% (Ans : B)

40. Which of the following is India’s top most banking brand? 
(A) ICICI Bank (B) HDFC Bank 
(C) SBI (D) Bank of Baroda (Ans : C)

RRB Exams General Knowledge Practice MCQs

1. Who won Australian Open mixed doubles final 2015 ? 
(A) Martina Hingis (Switzer-land) and Leander Paes (India) 
(B) Kristina Mladenovic (France) and Daneal Nester (Canada) 
(C) Djokovic (Serbia) and Serena Williams (US) 
(D) Murray (UK) and Maria Sharapova (Russia) (Ans : A)

2. Which of the following is not included in core industries? 
(A) Automobile (B) Fertilizers
(C) Steel (D) Cement (Ans : A)

3. Who said, "India is the bright spot on the cloudy global horizon" ? 
(A) IMF Chief Christine Lagarde 
(B) World Bank Chief Dr. Jim Yong Kim 
(C) UNO Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon 
(D) US President Barack Obama (Ans : A)

4. Consider the following facts about ‘Sukanya Sammridhhi Accounts’– 
I. The scheme was announced by PM Modi as a part of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign launched on January 22, 2015 at Panipat (Haryana). 
II. Any guardian of a girl aged upto 10 years can open an account either in a post office or a bank. 
III. The maturity period is 21yrs of the age of the girl. 
The correct code is– 
(A) I and II are correct 
(B) I and III are correct 
(C) II and III are correct 
(D) All are correct 
(Ans : D)

5. Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) effective from January 7, 2015, has been reduced from 22.0. per cent to– 
(A) 21.5 per cent (A) 21.0 per cent 
(C) 20.5 per cent (D) No change (Ans : A)

6. Surplus on account of services exports financial ……….per cent of merchandise trade deficit in 2013-14. 
(A) 49.4% (B) 51.2% 
(C) 56.2% (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

7. Which of the following statement is wrong? 
(A) WPI based inflation in February 2015 was (–) 2.06% 
(B) CPI based inflation was four-month high in February 2015 at 5.37% 
(C) WPI based inflation in February 2014 was (+) 5.03% 
(D) A large part of the gap in inflation rate comes on account of different weightages in fuels in two indicies (Ans : D)

8. The size of the Indian economy in 2014-15 is– 
(A) Rs. 126 lakh crore (B) Rs. 175lakh crore 
(C) Rs. 180 lakh crore (D) Rs. 200 lakh crore (Ans : A)

9. As per the advanced estimates released by the CSO the per capita income is projected to Rs. ……….in 2014-15. 
(A) 75500 (B) 88533 
(C) 92423 (D) 102365 (Ans : B)

10. Consider the following statements and chose the correct code given below– 
Statement I– India’s share in global exports of commercial services increased to 3.2 per cent in 2013 from 1.2 per cent in 2000. 
Statement II– India’s ranking in global exports of commercial services in 2013 was sixth. 
(A) Only I is correct (B) I and II are correct 
(C) Only II is correct (D) Neither I nor II (Ans : B)

11. Which of the following is mismatched in relation to Stree Shakti Puraskar 2015? 
(A) Anyay Rahit Zindagia NGO -Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Award 
(B) Seema Prakash -Rani Laxamibai Award 
(C) Asha Sansthan NGO -Kannagi Award 
(D) Chandraprabha Bokey -Mata Jijabai Award (Ans : C)

12. As per the latest data released by the CSO projected growth of Indian economy in 2014-15– 
(A) 7.1 per cent (B) 7.2 per cent 
(C) 7.3 per cent (D) 7.4 per cent (Ans : D)

13. As per the new methodology, developed by the CSO, which of the following sectors has registered a growth rate of over 7 per cent– 
(A) Trade, hotels, transport, communication and services related to broadcasting 
(B) Financial, real estate and professional services 
(C) Public administration, defence and Other Services 
(D) All of the above (Ans : D)

14. According to world travel and tourism council the total employment in tourism sector in 2013 is about– 
(A) 240 million (B) 266 million 
(C) 310 million (D) 375 million (Ans : B)

15. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India’s first indigenously developed ……….vaccine on March 9, 2015. 
(A) Rotavirus (B) Oral Polio 
(C) Influenza (D) Oral Typhoid (Ans : A)

16. The Indian, who won the Crammy Award 2015 in the new age album category is– 
(A) Musician Ricky Kej (B) Musician A. R. Rehman 
(C) Singer Kavita Krishanan Murthy (D) Auther Neela Vaswani (Ans : A)

17. An Indian named ……….won Grammy award 2015 in the Best Children’s Album category. 
(A) Neela Vaswani (B) Meera Nair 
(C) Chitra Mudgal (D) Anoushka Shankar (Ans : A)

18. Services’ share in employment in India in 2011-12 was– 
(A) 28.5% (B) 24.4% 
(C) 56% (D) 70% (Ans : A)

19. Consider the following sources of revenue for Union Government– 
I. Surcharges on direct/ indirect taxes. 
II. Cess levied for specific purposes. 
III. Collection 
Revenue of then is not shared with the states. 
(A) Only I 
(B) Only II, III 
(C) I, II and III 
(D) None of the above (Ans : C)

20. Recently a term ‘Pocket’ was in the news; it refers as– 
(A) A real estate site developed in Mumbai 
(B) A ticketing system introduced by Delhi Metro 
(C) An e-wallet launched by largest private sector bank ICICI 
(D) None of the above (Ans : C)

21. Which of the following committees recommended the abolition of Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) ? 
(A) T. K. Viswanathan Committee (B) Deepak Parikh Committee 
(C) Dr. C. Rangarajan Committee (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

22. India’s emergence as one of the fastest growing consultancy markets worldwide is largely attributable to– 
(A) Increased investment activities due to liberalisation of FDI 
(B) Entry of many new players in Indian Market 
(C) Low cost of sourcing (D) All of the above (Ans : D)

23. The Finance Minister has set targets to reduce fiscal deficit, as per cent of GDP. Which of the following is not correct ? 
(A) 3.9% for 2015-16 (B) 3.5% for 2016-17 
(C) 3.0% for 2017-18 (D) 2.5% for 2018-19 (Ans : D)

24. Consider the following facts about National Judicial Appointments Commission– 
I. The NJAC will look after the appointment and transfer the judges of the supreme court and the High Courts. 
II. The NJAC will be headed by the Chief Justice of India. 
III. Two senior most Judges of 
the Supreme Court, Union Law Minister and two reputed persons will be the members of NJAC. 
IV. Among the two members, selected by a high powered committee, one must be SC / ST / OBC /Minority /Women. 
The correct code is– 
(A) I, II and III are correct (B) II, III and IV are correct 
(C) I, III and IV are correct (D) All are correct (Ans : D)

25. Which of the following statements is correct about the amendment done in January, 2015 citizenship Act 1955– 
(A) The PIO card holders can now be notified as Overseas citizens of India 
(B) Henceforth the PIO card holders will also be eligible for life long VISA 
(C) Children, grand children of Indian citizens residing in foreign countries can now be registered as OCI 
(D) All of the above (Ans : D)

26. Volume of internal trade and repair sector in India is about– 
(A) Rs. 11.5 lakh crore (B) Rs. 12.5 lakh crore 
(C) Rs. 18.5 lakh crore (D) Rs. 22.5 lakh crore 
(Ans : A)

27. Consider the following facts– 
I. Agriculture incomes are under stress. 
II. Investment in Infrastructure is low 
III. Manufacturing sector’s share in the GDP has declined from 18% to 17% of GDP 
IV. Manufacturing exports have remained stagnant at about 10% of GDP 
Which of the above has/have been declared as major challenge by Finance Minister? 
(A) I and II (B) III and IV 
(C) I, II and III (D) I, II, III and IV (Ans : D)

28. How many countries are the members of Euro Zone, as on January 2015 ? 
(A) 17 (B) 18 (C) 19 (D) 20 (Ans : C)

29. Fair and remunerative price for sugar-cane has been declared by the central government for crushing session 2015-16– 
(A) Rs. 230 per quintal (B) Rs. 240 per quintal 
(C) Rs. 250 per quintal (D) Rs. 260 per quintal (Ans : A)

30. India is world’s ……….largest TV. Market in world. 
(A) second (A) third 
(C) fourth (D) fifth (Ans : B)

31. Two thirds of India’s population is below– 
(A) 30 years of age (B) 35 years of age 
(C) 40 years of age (D) 45 years of age (Ans : B)

32. Which of the following pair is mismatched? 
(A) Chairman-cum-CMD of BSNL-Anupam Srivastava 
(B) Chairman Railway Board-A. K. Mittal 
(C) Chairman ISRO-A. S. Kiran Kumar 
(D) Chairperson HDFC-Usha Thorat (Ans : D)

33. Which of the following statement is wrong about Members of Parliament Local Area development Scheme? 
(A) It was launched on December 23, 1993 by Government of India 
(B) An amount of Rs. 5 crore is allotted to each Member of Lok Sabha only 
(C) 2 per cent of the MPLAD fund are allowed to district / state authorities for their administrative expenses 
(D) MP can spend a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh per year for the distribution of tri-cycles/ motorized tri-cycles/battery operated motorized wheel chairs and artificiallimbs to physically challenged persons 
(Ans : B)

34. India’s Contribution to commulative Global CO2 emmission is about– 
(A) 10.7% (B) 4.4% (C) 7.4% (D) 2.8% (Ans : D)

35. Vision of ‘Team India’ includes– 
(A) ‘Housing for All’ by 2022  
(B) Electrification, by 2020, of the remaining 20,000 villages 
(C) Connecting each of the 1,78,000 unconnected habitations by all weather roads 
(D) All of the above (Ans : D)

36. Which of the following countries is not amongst top four countries of Import to India? 
(A) USA (B) UAE (C) UK (D) China (Ans : C)

37. India is not a member of– 

38. Consider List-I and List-Il and chose the correct code given below– 
List-I (Sectors) 
(a) Industry (b) Transport 
(c) Electricity and Heat production (d) Buildings 
List-II (Global Green House Gases)
Emissions from different sectors in 2010) 
1. 6.4% 2. 25.0% 
3. 21.0% 4. 14.0% 
(a) (b) (c) (d) 
(A) 3 4 1 2 
(B) 3 4 2 1 
(C) 3 2 4 1 
(D) 4 3 2 1 (Ans : B)

39. In budget 2015-16 speech, the Finance Minister has announced the year ……….will be Amrut Mahotsav. 
(A) 2019 (B) 2020 (C) 2021 (D) 2022 (Ans : D)

40. Which of the following are the brand ambassadors of India ? 
(A) Tea and Spices (B) Tea and Coffee 
(C) Coffee and Spices (D) Tea and Rubber (Ans : A)

RRB Exams General Knowledge Practice Questions

1. Which of the following is the leading producer of petroleum in India? 
(A) Surma Valley (B) Gandhar Field (C) Naharkatia (D) (Ans : E)

2. When was the first iron ore mining plant established in Bai-ladila? 
(A) 1980 (B) 1963 (C) 1968 (D) 1974 (Ans : C)

3. Which mineral reserve deposit is there in Kudarvahi ? 
(A) Iron-ore (B) Lime Stone (C) Dolomite (D) Bauxite (Ans : D)

4. In which tahsil Aridongri iron ore area is situated? 
(A) Bhanupratapapur (B) Narayanpur (C) Orchha (D) Kondagaon (Ans : A)

5. Which of the following is the biggest sanctuary? 
(A) Pamed (B) Barnavapara (C) Udanti (D) Sitanadi (Ans : D)

6. The tributary of Sabri river is– 
(A) Kanger (B) Paralkot (C) Nandiraj (D) None of these (Ans : D)

7. Goncha festival of Bastar is celebrated in which month? 
(A) Aashadh (B) Kartik (C) Sawan (D) None of these (Ans : D)

8. What is the language of traditional singing of Ghotul Pata in Bastar region? 
(A) Lariya (B) Hindi (C) Gondi (D) Halbi (Ans : D)

9. On which day of the Hindu calendar, the ‘Putra Putri’ marriage (wedding of dolls) is organized? 
(A) Magh Purnima (B) Kartik Shukla Ekadashi (C) Janmashtami (D) Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya (Ans : D)

10. What is ,the GSOP Growth Rate Target for the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) fixed by the State Government? 
(A) 10.00 per cent (B) 8.80 per cent (C) 9.00 per cent (D) 11.00 per cent (Ans : A)

11. What is the language of singing Ohankul Jagar in Bastar region? 
(A) Lariya (B) Hindi (C) Halbi (D) Sargujiha (Ans : C)

12. Salphi is popular as what in tribal region ? 
(A) Drink (B) Animal (C) Agricultural implement (D) A variety of Paddy (Ans : A)

13. What does Dhumkuria mean in Oraon tribe? 
(A) Shrine (B) Chief’s house (C) Youth dormitory (D) Path (Ans : C)

14. What is the meaning of the word ‘Kos’ ? 
(A) Kosa cloth (B) Bronze vessel (C) Book of Terms (D) Measurement of distance (Ans : D)

15. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Thermal Power Plant is located in– 
(A) Kawardha (B) Ambikapur (C) Korba (West) (D) Korba (East) (Ans : D)

16. Gopad river flows from– 
(A) Koriya (B) Surajpur (C) Balrampur (D) Surguja-Balrampur (Ans : D)

17. Chhangbhakhar hill is situated in– 
(A) Koriya (B) Balrampur (C) Jashpur (D) Surguja (Ans : A)

18. Tributary of Mahanadi is– 
(A) Kharoon (B) Maniyari (C) Arpa (D) Kelo (Ans : B)

19. Which Amendment of the Constitution provided constitutional status to the municipalities? 
(A) 70th (B) 72nd (C) 73rd (D) 74th (Ans : D)

20. Which of the following place was not the capital of Kalchuris ? 
(A) Tripuri (B) Tumman (C) Jajallapur (D) Ratanpur (Ans : C)

21. Rajirn Kumbh Mela concludes on which day? 
(A) Ramnavarni (B) Akshaya Tritiya (C) Mahashivaratri (D) Kartik Purnima (Ans : C)

22. Which of the following persons has not received National ‘Shilp Guru’ Award? 
(A) Jaidev Baghel (B) Sonabai (C) Sundaribai (D) Govindram jhara (Ans : C)

23. Where is Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya situated? 
(A) Delhi (B) Bhopal (C) Maihar (D) None of these (Ans : D)

24. Which of these is not related to Dhankul recitation? 
(A) Earthen Vessel (B) Bow (C) Winnowing fan (D) None of these (Ans : D)

25. Which Art form has been indicated in the Jogimara cave inscription of Ramgarh ? 
(A) Coockery (B) Sculpting (C) Acting (D) Hair Dressing (Ans : B)

26. Establishment of Ashram Schools in Tribal area was started in– 
(A) 1990-91 (B) 2000-2001 (C) 2010-2011 (D) 2012-13 (Ans : A)

27. What is the name of special scheme for education and over-all development of students of Naxal-affected areas of C.G. Govt. ? 
(A) Chief Minister’s Child Security Scheme (B) Girls Education Incentive Scheme 
(C) Scheme related to higher education facility to talented students (D) Post matric scholar ship (Ans : A)

28. Which of the following vitamins is deficient in night blindness disease? 
(A) Vitamin C (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin A (D) Vitamin K (Ans : C)

29. 12th Schedule of Indian Constitution is related to– 
(A) Zila Panchayat (B) Urban Bodies (C) Nagar Panchayat (D) Janpad Panchayat (Ans : B)

30. The taxation power of Urban bodies is provided by– 
(A) State Government (B) Urban Administration 
(C) Finance Department (D) Finance Commission (Ans : A)

31. Who prepares the development plan for entire District? 
(A) State Government (B) District Statistical Officer (C) District Planning Committee (D) Urban Development Authority (Ans : C)

32. In which Article of the Constitution the structure of local bodies is provided ? 
(A) Article 243 (ग) and Article 243 (द) (B) Article 243 (क) and Article 243 (घ) 
(C) Article 223 (ख) and Article 223 (च) (D) Article 223 (क) and Article 223 (घ) (Ans : A)

33. Who led the strike of B.N.C. Mill workers of Rajnandgaon in 1920 which lasted for 37 days? 
(A) Thakur Pyarelal Singh (B) Madhavrao Sapre (C) Qutubuddin (D) Abdul Rauf (Ans : A)

34. Population of a city is 17,200. First year it increased by 35% than second year it reduced by 15%. What will be the population of the city after 2 years? 
(A) 14,000 (B) 12,900 (C) 19,737 (D) 16,527 (Ans : C)

35. Which of the following States has the largest iron ore reserves? 
(A) Chhattisgarh (B) Jharkhand (C) Karnataka (D) Odisha (Ans : D)

36. ‘Right to Education’ introduced through 86th Amendment came into force– 
(A) In 2002 (B) In 2004 (C) In 2008 (D) In 2010 (Ans : D)

37. Council of Minister is collectively responsible to whom? 
(A) Prime Minister (B) President (C) Rajya Sabha (D) Lok Sabha (Ans : D)

38. When did the Protection of Human Rights Act come into force in India ? 
(A) 1990 (B) 1991 (C) 1992 (D) 1993 (Ans : D)

39. The state having highest literacy rate as per 2011 Census is– 
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Manipur (C) Rajasthan (D) Mizoram (Ans : D)

40. In which Vedic text the term ‘Varna’ is found referred for the first time? 
(A) Rigveda (B) Atharvaveda (C) Samveda (D) Yajurveda (Ans : A)

General Knowledge Practice Questions

1. With which of the following area Anjolie Ela Mennon is related? 
(A) Painting (B) Music (C) Drama (D) Social Service (E) None of these (Ans : A)

2. With which of the following sport Vichung Bhutia is related? 
(A) Volleyball (B) Football (C) Hockey (D) Tennis (E) None of these (Ans : B)

3. At which of the following place the Ministerial Conference of W.T.O. was organized recently? 
(A) Colombo (B) Bali (C) Kathmandu (D) New Delhi (E) None of these (Ans : B)

4. Who among the following was the leader of rebellious soldiers at Delhi during the Revolt of 1857 ? 
(A) Maulavi Ahmadullah (B) Bahadur Khan (C) Kunwar Singh (D) Bakht Khan (E) None of these (Ans : D)

5. Who was the first leader to organize Labour Movement in India? 
(A) B.P. Wadia (B) Lala Lajpat Rai (C) N.M. Lokhande (D) N.G. Ranga (E) None of the above (Ans : C)

6. Which of the following bays separates India from Sri Lanka? 
(A) Bay of Mannar (B) Bay of Maldives (C) Bay of Ponnar (D) Bay of Jaffna (E) None of these (Ans : A)

7. On which of the following rivers the Nizamsagar project is located in Andhra Pradesh? 
(A) Godavari (B) Krishna (C) Tungabhadra (D) Periyar (E) Manjara (Ans : E)

8. In which of the following Indian States the Bandipur National Park exists? 
(A) Gujarat (B) Kama taka (C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh (E) None of these (Ans : B)

9. Which of the following institution has celebrated its Diamond Jubilee recently? 
(A) U.G.C. (B) A.I.C.T.E. (C) R.B.I. (D) C.E.R.C (E) None of these (Ans : A)

10. Who of the following was the First Woman Central Minister? 
(A) Shanta Rangaswamy (B) V.S. Ramadevi (C) Sucheta Kriplani (D) Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (E) None of these (Ans : D)

11. Where is India’s First Mobile Police Station ‘is located? 
(A) Sitapur (B) Thane (C) Hoshiarpur (D) Bhuj (E) None of these (Ans : C)

12. At which of the following place Woodstock International School exists? 
(A) Mussoorie (B) Dehradun (C) Shimla (D) Darjiling (E) None of these (Ans : A)

13. To which of the following State the folk-dance ‘Yakshagaan’ is related? 
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Karnataka (C) Kerala (D) Tamil Nadu (E) None of these (Ans : B)

14. Which is not included in scope of Public Administration with ‘3M’ idea? 
(A) Money (B) Material (C) Man (D) Method (E) None of the above (Ans : D)

15. Which is included as a subject matter in Public Administration? 
(A) Social Relevance/Realism (B) Comprehensiveness 
(C) Sensitivity of Policy (D) All the above (E) None of the above (Ans : D)

16. Which country introduced "Performance Budget" in Municipal Administration ? 
(A) France (B) India (C) Britain (D) America (E) China (Ans : D)

17. Who appoints the Chief Secretary of State? 
(A) Governor (B) President (C) Chief Minister (D) Home Minister (E) None of the above (Ans : C)

18. Which Article of the Indian Constitution explains the functions of Chief Minister? 
(A) Article - 164 (B) Article - 153 (C) Article -167 (D) Article - 157 (E) None of the above (Ans : C)

19. How many members were there in the Constituent Assembly according to the Cabinet Mission? 
(A) 385 (B) 409 (C) 429 (D) 505 (E) 535 (Ans : A)

20. Who has the power to introduce an ordinance according to Indian Constitution? 
(A) The President (B) The Governor 
(C) Supreme Court (D) President and Governor Both (E) None of the above (Ans : D)

21. Who approves the Finance Bill in the Centre? 
(A) Prime Minister (B) President (C) Finance Minister (D) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (E) None of the above (Ans : D)

22. Children of which age group are to be provided free and compulsory education by the state according to the provision of the Constitution? 
(A) 3-9 years (B) 6-14 years (C) 6-18 years (D) 5-16 years (E) None of the above (Ans : B)

23. Which of the following states is called so because of the increasing importance of Public Administration in the working of these states? 
(A) Democratic State (B) Administrative State (C) Laissez-faire State (D) Popular State (E) None of the above (Ans : B)

24. A computer can only understand which language? 
(A) Assembly language (B) Machine language (C) High level language (D) C-language (E) None of these (Ans : B)

25. One Megabyte is equal to– 
(A) 1024 bytes (B) 1024 Kilobyte (C) 1024 Gigabyte (D) 1024 Terabyte (E) None of these (Ans : B)

26. The sum of average latency and seek time is known as– 
(A) Average Hold time (B) Average Delay time (C) Average Access time (D) Average Transfer time (E) None of these (Ans : C)

27. Which is not input device? 
(A) Keyboard (B) Light Pen (C) Mouse (D) Bar Code Reader (E) None of these (Ans : E)

28. Which is the extension of MS-Excel file? 
(A) .xls (B) .doc (C) .bmp (D) .jpg (E) None of these (Ans : A)

29. Which of the following constitute a food chain ? 
(A) Grass, wheat and mango (B) Grass, goat and human (C) Goat, cow and elephant (D) Grass, fish and goat (E) None of these (Ans : B)

30. Which of the following is not an example of a bio-mass energy source? 
(A) Wood (B) Gobar-gas (C) Nuclear energy (D) Coal (E) None of these (Ans : C)

31. The device used for producing electric current is called a– 
(A) Generator (B) Galvanometer (C) Ammeter (D) Motor (E) None of these (Ans : A)

32. Which of the following is not a part of the female reproductive system in human beings? 
(A) Ovary (B) Uterus (C) Vas deferens (D) Fallopian tube (E) None of these (Ans : C)

33. The xylem in plants are responsible for– 
(A) Transport of water (B) Transport of food (C) Transport of amino acids (D) Transport of oxygen (E) None of these (Ans : A)

34. Kings of ten tribes fought the ‘Dashraj War’ in the Vedic Age against whom of the following? 
(A) Raidasa (B) Sudasa (C) Somadasa (D) Vipradasa (E) None of these (Ans : B)

35. Which of the following Mauryan Kings was the follower of Ajivika Sect? 
(A) Chandragupta (B) Bindusara (C) Ashoka (D) Dasharath (E) None of these (Ans : B)

36. Who among the following rulers of Mewar accepted Mughal suzerainty? 
(A) Rana Udaysingh (B) Rana Pratapsingh (C) Rana Amarsingh (D) Rana Karansingh (E) None of these (Ans : C)

37. By which of the following treaties, the Third Anglo-Mysore War was ended in 1792 A. D. ? 
(A) Treaty of Srirangapattanam (B) Treaty of Madras (C) Treaty of Mangalore (D) Treaty of Mysore (E) None of these (Ans : A)

38. Who among the following was the pioneer of widow-remarriage movement in Bengal in the 19th century? 
(A) Raja Rammohan Roy (B) Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar 
(C) Keshabchandra Sen (D) Debendranath Tagore (E) None of these (Ans : B)

39. Which of the following is the oldest oil refining in India? 
(A) Digboi (B) Barauni (C) Vishakhapatnam (D) Noonmati (E) None of the above (Ans : A)

40. Which mineral is Malajkhand known for? 
(A) Gold (B) Mica (C) Silver (D) Lead (E) None of these (Ans : E)